The 10th Annual Cutest Pet Contest is in the books, and the sweet pictures shared by our readers demonstrate that the Four States is full of the cutest pets around.  These pets fill our lives with their love and their antics.  The entry fees from the contest benefit the Joplin Humane Society Animal Adoption and Rescue Center and Faithful Friends Animal Advocates in Neosho who work to help all animals find loving forever homes.

Mila – 1st Place

Mila is an energetic golden doodle, a mix of golden retriever and a poodle, who lives with Matt Maxwell. Mila loves to play and will chase tennis balls as long as Matt can throw them. “Mila is a sweet, mannerly dog and has never met a stranger,” said Matt. “She is a year and a half old, and I think I might train her to become a therapy dog because she is so loving.” She is best friends with Matt’s son, Syler, and Mila likes to hang out with Matt as he works on projects at home. The pair often walk in the park where Mila can run to her heart’s content.