Decorate with Pinecones from Fall to Winter


I love pinecones: fat ones, skinny ones, small ones and especially large ones. They start appearing at our feet when we take our nature walks and in our backyards. I wanted to inspire you to pick up a few pinecones on your next trip outdoors and turn them into chic fall and winter décor.

I admit I couldn’t find all the pinecones I would have needed for these projects just by picking them up during my nature walks; however, you can find them in all shapes and sizes at your local craft store. For these projects, I started with some simple, clear-glass candlesticks, a cone-shaped grapevine tree and a couple of large sticks from my back yard.

I used a hot glue gun and LOTS and LOTS of glue to attach different-size pinecones on the grapevine tree and included some burlap ribbon to finish it off. The glass candle sticks turned out to be quite beautiful with pinecones glued around the edges and also down onto the stem. I took an old glass vase and added pinecones inside and wedged a couple of branches in and glued pinecones onto the branches, randomly, to form a very cool looking display.

The great thing about creating these simple items is you can use them in so many different ways from fall into winter. For fall, you could use these items together on a mantel or coffee table to create a simple, monochromatic display that will go with any décor and could stay up from fall into winter.

For a simple and modern Halloween display, you can place some painted, white pumpkins that have been “blinged out” by adding Halloween stickers and place them on the candlesticks and next to your glass vase. This creates a simple, yet elegant, Halloween display.

For something more traditional and fall like, you can place some adorable, stuffed animals and colorful, glass-leaf garland and create a beautiful fall display that is whimsical and fun.

I purposely only changed out a few things and left the table and background the same so you could see just a couple of fun ideas you can create with these inexpensive craft ideas you can make yourself. Have fun this fall making some pinecone displays of your own.

With just a few items and a little time, you can create a few decorating pieces, using pinecones, that will go from fall to winter with ease.