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Mercy Breast Center Employs the Latest in 3D Mammography Technology


In September, Mercy Breast Center added the SenographeHYPERLINK “” Pristina 3D Mammography System to its service offering.


“The Pristina is the latest in 3D mammography technology,” said Dr. Sonu Suri, director, Mercy Breast Center. “The machine has been programmed to intelligently focus on abnormalities and direct the radiologist’s attention to that specific area, making cancer much easier to detect.”


Dr. Suri said 3D mammography has been revolutionary in the way radiologists detect breast cancer, especially in women with dense breast tissue. In the past, 2D mammography allowed radiologists to see two views of the breast – one image from side-to-side and one image from top-to-bottom. With 3D technology, radiologists can see 10-20 sliced images of the breast from top-to-bottom and from side-to-side.


“Forty percent of women have dense breast tissue, and it is difficult to see cancer in dense breast tissue,” Dr. Suri said. “Using 3D has helped us identify smaller, hiding cancers through those thinner slices.”


Dr. Suri said the Pristina has taken the remarkable technology of 3D mammography and kicked it up a notch.


“I think it’s a world of difference,” she said. “It is truly amazing. The images are so clear, and the resolution and luminance are perfect.”


Missouri is one of 35 states that requires physicians to inform women of their breast density. In June, Missouri passed HB 1252 which requires 3D mammography to be covered by all insurances whether the patient has dense breast tissue or not. The law goes into effect January 1, 2019, but many insurance companies are already providing coverage.


Mercy Breast Center has offered 3D mammography since 2015. With the addition of the Pristina, the center can serve more patients, faster, and with the best technology available.


Mercy Breast Center offers screening mammography self-scheduling at