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The Art and Science of Gastroenterology


Mercy Clinic Gastroenterology welcomed Dr. Rangan Murali to the practice in early 2018.

Dr. Murali brings 10 years of experience to the clinic. He’s an expert in all areas of gastroenterology, treating issues from the esophagus to the colon.


“I chose gastroenterology as my specialty because it’s a good combination of intellectual activity and physical procedures,” Dr. Murali said.


Gastroenterology is the branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the stomach and intestines. The team at Mercy Clinic Gastroenterology treats liver diseases, pancreatic problems, gallstone problems, irritable bowel syndrome, Chron’s disease, and more.


“The most common thing we see in the clinic is patients with Chron’s disease,” Dr. Murali said. “We also see a lot of Irritable Bowel Syndrome among the younger generation. Even though it’s a benign disease, it can cause so much abdominal pain that they cannot lead a normal life.”


Oftentimes the cause of IBS is unknown, but Dr. Murali said some gastroenterologists believe it can be caused by anxiety and depression, so it is important for people to treat mental illness as well as their physical symptoms.


Dr. Murali said he also sees a lot of liver diseases related to fatty liver.


“In the past, chronic liver diseases were most often caused by excessive alcohol use, but today, because of the rise in obesity, we are seeing more issues related to fatty liver.”


Treating issues like liver disease, IBS, and Chron’s disease are all about the science side of medicine, Dr. Murali said. But that’s only part of the equation.


“In medicine there are always two parts, the science and the art. The science is the application of your knowledge to the patients. Anybody can do it. You read it and apply it. But only some people can do what we call the art of medicine. This is about being a pleasant human. When somebody comes to you when they’re sick and they’re desperate to get help, they are depending on you. You must have compassion and care for relieving the patient’s pain and suffering – that is the art of medicine.”