I dearly love camping in the crisper air and colorful leaves of fall. Being disconnected for just a little while from computers, smart phones and TV, as well as escaping traffic, distractions and worry is good for your soul.

This year I am fall camping in my new Kodiak Canvass tent that sets up in my truck bed. I have already had a few test runs, and it’s a lot better than my old tent that I had to worry about finding the right place or animals and crawling bugs coming inside with me. Anywhere I can park my truck, I can put up my tent. And, it’s a whole lot easier to set up, too.

I have already been through a couple of storms, and its heavy canvas didn’t leak. While other tents were collapsing from the wind, it stood up through it all.

I keep everything inside my crew cab or underneath it that I don’t need in the tent so I am not crowded, and you can’t believe all the room in this thing.

Inside, I have plenty of room for my bags, a cooler if I want a snack and a camp chair if I want to sit up and read. Plus, instead of a pad or mattress to sleep on, I have a Disc-O-Bed modular cot. It is the best-quality camping cot I have ever seen and is definitely not flimsy like most of them. No matter what you camp in, this may be the best purchase you will ever make.

It’s real easy to set up, and I can use it as a single cot or make it into a bunk bed. To top it off, I use their Disc Pad inflatable sleeping pad, and I sleep like a baby.

Take my word for it, if you have a truck and you enjoy camping, you need to get a Kodiak Canvass truck tent and a Disc-O-Bed for your camping adventures.



“Without the intense touch of nature, you can never fully freshen yourself! Go forth a camping and there both your weary mind and your exhausted body will rise like a morning sun!”
Mehmet Murat ildan


                                    I WONDER WHY

I wonder why more people don’t realize sunsets and sunrises in God’s great outdoors are a lot more entertaining than any television show, computer game or smart phone?


                       THESE ARE REALLY COOL

You need a high-quality, reasonably priced cooler to keep food and beverages cold over several days of fishing, hunting, camping or traveling.

Everybody thinks they have to have an expensive, well-known name cooler, and I have had them, too. But, I paid less money and I’m a lot happier with Siberian Coolers Alpha Pro Series.

Their heavy-duty wire basket is rated for dry ice use, and some sizes have a divider constructed from food grade polyethylene, so it doubles as a cutting board. Plus, they have a lot of features that expensive cooler doesn’t.

My new 22-quart Sidekick soft cooler has three layers of insulation and is 100 percent leak-proof. I also have their 22-quart Sidekick hard cooler and their Pro Series 45 quart, and I love them all.

They have great ice retention and keep everything cold for the entire trip, but what else would you expect from a cooler named after the coldest country in the world?

Just letting you know you might want to consider a Siberian Cooler instead of a four-letter word. They are really cool!



As leaves begin to change colors and weather cools, many outdoors enthusiasts’ attention turns to things other than fishing. But, if you enjoy fishing, fall should be your favorite time of year. There is no better time for catching fish, especially catching big fish, than fall.

Not only do the fish seem to be very susceptible to being caught at this time of year, the rivers and lakes are much less crowded than during the spring and summer in most areas, and the scenery is a lot more colorful.

Go enjoy fabulous fall fishing!



If you’re after a big buck, be aware they will often shy away from major trails and the hunting attention they bring. Instead, look for natural travel routes like funnels and breaks in the topography where a wise old buck can comfortably come and go with ease.




Those of us who hunt deer have had those wonderful quiet times as we sit there in our tree stand. We are in our stand and have everything ready. It’s still dark in the woods as we wait. Squirrels and birds aren’t up yet, so it’s quiet. Really quiet!

For me, this is the time my thoughts go back to the big buck I took from this same stand several seasons ago. I think about the little nub buck that played hide and seek with me and my grandson one morning.

I remember last year when I dropped a doe from this stand, and I sat there and watched for an hour as 11 small bucks came in to check her out. I think about when I shot my very first deer with a crossbow from this stand – a nice buck. I think of the times sitting here with my grandson, who’s now gone away to college. I think about God, who gave me these quiet moments in a tree stand. Memories! Lots of memories!

The sun starts to peek through the trees and the quiet is gone. Squirrels chatter and birds sing. It’s time to hunt.



“I’ve never known anyone yet who doesn’t suffer a certain restlessness when autumn rolls around… We’re all eight years old again and anything is possible.”

– Sue Grafton