Faces of Joplin

The Face of Internal Medicine & Endocrinology

Dr. Karen L. Porte M.D. Internal Medicine, Wellness, and Endocrinology

Dr. Karen L. Porte is a physician you can trust. 

She has more than 35 years of experience in Internal Medicine and is an expert in treating osteoporosis, reproductive health, obesity, thyroid issues, diabetes, and women’s health. Her clinic specializes in the care of disabled veterans. 

“I truly enjoy getting to know my patients, both new and old,” she said. “I’m honored to see disabled veterans twice a week. I so appreciate their service to our country.”

She treats health issues when they arise but is dedicated to educating her patients on preventative measures. 

“Prevention and patient education are of utmost importance,” Dr. Porte said. “If a patient does not understand what’s happening in their body and why, it’s challenging for them to incorporate changes into their lifestyle.” 

Dr. Porte has developed an approach to medicine that treats not only patients’ bodies but their mind, soul, and spirit. Aspects of her practice include the positive benefits of Melaleuca merchandise, which contain no harmful chemicals. 

“There’s more than one way to practice medicine,” she said. “I believe in combining the aspects of wellness products along with Internal Medicine and the complexities of Endocrinology.” 

All of Dr. Porte’s patients are in the hands of an experienced and compassionate physician who is honored to serve the Joplin area. 

“Joplin holds a special place in my heart, and I raised my four children here,” she said. “I admire the way our community is always building and reaching higher towards greater things.”

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