DDS® Dentures + Implant Solutions® and Affordent is proud to welcome Dr. Daryl McCall.

Dr. McCall joined the team November 14, 2018, bringing with him 26 years of experience practicing dentistry in Southwest Missouri.


“I’m so excited to be part of DDS because I have always admired the practice’s dedication to quality care for the patients and the exceptionally friendly and inviting staff,” he said.


Dr. McCall works alongside Registered Dental Hygienist Hayley Spencer to bring that high-quality care to patients and take the mystery out of the process. Both dental professionals agree education and understanding are key to putting the patient at ease.


“I will always take the time to explain a procedure to a patient to educate them and make them feel more comfortable,” Spencer said.


DDS® Dentures + Implant Solutions® and Affordent offers all manner of dental health services from general dentistry, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and denture and implant services including the The DDS All-In-One Solution ℠.


DDS® offers a wide variety of dental services with an emphasis on dentures. With in-house labs and DDS® All-In- One Solution, you could have an all-new smile in the same day, thanks to 3-D X-Ray technology. Affordent Dentistry is focused on a wide variety of restorative and aesthetic dentistry services, including dental implants, full dentures, immediate dentures, crowns and bridges, and tooth extractions.


No matter your dental needs, you can rest assured the entire staff – from initial phone call to follow up appointment – has your best interest at heart. Say hello to a healthy, beautiful smile to last a lifetime with DDS® Dentures + Implant Solutions® and Affordent!


Providers are general dentists, not specialists.

Bryan Heath Coleman of Missouri, DDS, LLC and Associates – General Dentistry. Implantology is a specialty area not recognized by the ADA that requires no specific education training to advertise this service.