Loeke Hopper


Junior High School English


Seneca Junior High School eighth grade communication arts teacher Loeke Hopper says with Project Based Learning (PBL), “We combine writing, reading, technology and, sometimes, cross-curricular content as our focus.”

Hopper describes in detail the emphasis with her students and explains, “I focused on learning that our brains can adapt and grow, even in areas that we struggle with. Having a growth mindset helps students understand their brains can grow by creating new pathways.

“They discover that through effort and diligence, anything is possible. After researching the topic, students participate in a survey/quiz, to discover which mindset they have (fixed or growth).

“Next, they create a survey to give their family, other students and professionals in the community. They analyze the results and present their results to our class, and how they think this affects decisions our community makes as a whole.”

After all is said and done, Hopper believes students find PBL gratifying because they “feel empowered when engaged in solving an issue/problem that is both a challenge and interesting, while giving them the freedom to take charge of their own learning.”