“You’re going to see those muscles being built and inches on your waist coming off quickly.” – Jessica Taylor


With a new and unique style of fitness called Barre, anyone can have the grace, strength and flexibility of a ballerina.

Barre has elements of ballet such as plie, squats and ballet positions but incorporates yoga and stretching, pilates movements, free weights, body weight exercises and personal bars for balance.

“It’s kind of like three classes in one,” said Jessica Taylor, certified Barre instructor and owner of Four States Yoga. “It’s great for fat loss because there is cardio involved, but it’s also good for building strength because you’re using the free weights, and we target each area of the body from your calves to your thighs to the glutes to your chest and arms. And there’s even a whole section for abs plus deep stretching, which benefits flexibility and mobility.”

Four States Yoga added Barre to its fitness offering two years ago, and Taylor said it has quickly become one of their most popular classes. She said Barre is great for beginners because it is low impact, and clients see results quickly.

“You’re going to see those muscles being built and inches on your waist coming off quickly,” she said. “Plus, it’s really fun. There’s music, it’s high energy, and it gets endorphins firing so the classes go by quickly, and you can’t wait to come back and do it again.”

She recommends Barre two to three times a week for optimal results.

Taylor became a certified yoga instructor in 2015 and opened Four States Yoga the same year. Today, Four States Yoga has two locations and offers a wide variety of classes, including Zumba. The studio offers drop-in classes for beginners looking to give Barre a test run. Taylor encouraged anyone who’s interested in Barre to come give it a shot.

“We’re a really friendly, down-to-earth studio, so people don’t need to feel intimidated when they come in,” she said. “Everybody started somewhere, and we are here for them and always happy to help no matter where they may be on their fitness journey.”

Learn more at www.FourStatesYoga.com