The Face of Nephrology

Dr. Abdul Mateen Nagaria, Director of Dialysis Services for Freeman Health System



As a Nephrologist, Dr. Abdul Mateen Nagaria had dedicated his life to the treatment and care of patients with kidney problems, bringing his extensive experience and expertise to Freeman Health System 12 years ago.

“Freeman provides world-class care to the people of the Four State area,” he said. “I absolutely love the friendly people of this community and it’s a great place to raise a family.”

In his role as Director of Dialysis Services, Dr. Nagaria sees patients in three settings: in clinic, at the hospital, and in dialysis treatment. In the first, he focuses on caring for patients in early diagnosis and developing strategies to protect and preserve kidney function. He also sees patients who have recently undergone a kidney transplant or who have successfully come off dialysis. At the hospital, Dr. Nagaria sees patients who have either new or underlying kidney and electrolyte issues and need urgent care. Finally, Dr. Nagaria cares for patients who have developed kidney failure and are requiring regular dialysis treatment, or renal replacement therapy when one’s kidneys have stopped working. Dr. Nagaria oversees dialysis therapy in Webb City, Carthage, Neosho, Nevada, and Miami as well as Joplin.

“Every patient has a story to tell and interacting with them is the highlight of my day,” he said. “This interaction allows me to help them navigate through the complexities of kidney disease and formulate a plan that best fits their needs.”

Dr. Nagaria said that while kidney disease is increasing in incidence, research in the field has had unprecedented growth over the last two decades, allowing patients to delay dialysis and maintain function of the kidneys.

“Kidneys are also one of the most replaceable organs and in individuals whose kidneys have stopped working, there is an option for transplant and dialysis to help them continue their journey of life,” he said. “These options have allowed patients to see their kids grow and graduate, travel and work and pursue their interests and hobbies.”


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