Twisted Oak: A Hometown Boutique

We work hard to find something different from what is found in chain stores.—Rebecca Courtney

By Kathleen Swift


Oak trees are mighty trees symbolizing wisdom and strength. Their roots are grounded deep, and for Rebecca Courtney, Kathie Hinds and Jeanene Eberhart, that was the kind of symbol they wanted for their boutique, Twisted Oak and Co., in Webb City.

“We liked the symbolism of the oak tree with its roots grounded in our community because we intend to be here for the long haul. The twisted part of our name reflects our attitude of fun and being something unique,” said Rebecca.

Since September 2017, the three partners have been bringing beautiful, unique clothing, shoes, accessories, home décor, primitives and more to the area in their 4,500-square-foot boutique on Route 66, Main Street, in Webb City. They also carry Rifle paper, specialty baby items and unique accessories for their customers and their homes.

“We each have a strength that we bring to the business,” said Rebecca. “We have all been in business for many years in various ventures, and when we had the opportunity to move back to Webb City, we jumped at the chance. Jeanene found the building and had the vision for decorating the interior of the boutique. Kathie has great talent for finding unique, one-of-a-kind primitives that we have in the store. She found a set of old, wooden theater seats that are wonderful. We all love home decor, and Jeanene and I love jewelry and clothing and accessories. We make a great team.”

The three partners are happy to be a part of the Webb City community, and Twisted Oak participates in and supports many community events.

“We work with other businesses through the Webb City Area Chamber of Commerce to continue to make downtown Webb City a destination for shopping. We support chamber events and try to honor requests for donations for local causes,” said Rebecca. “We will participate in the Spring Shop Hop on April 6 and the Lafayette House fundraiser, Ooh-la-la, on March 7 as well as the city-wide event planned for July.”

As a small business, Twisted Oak represents what is best about hometowns.

“As a small boutique,” said Rebecca, “we are able to offer quality and a wide selection of items. We work hard to find something different from what is found in chain stores. We live here, we know what our customers like, we support local and regional vendors. This spring, we are adding a line of gourmet food that is made in Oklahoma.”

Spring is a time for beginnings, and one thing Twisted Oak is adding this spring is an opportunity to participate in their Tasty Tuesdays with extended hours beginning February 12.

“We hope to have these on second Tuesdays every month,” said Rebecca. “We will have taste testings, beverages and special sales. We’d like to focus on a group each month such as teachers and healthcare workers. We have supported various community events through donations as much as we can.”

When you are looking for your lighter spring fashions, whether that is something soft and feminine or the latest style in jeans and t-shirts, visit Twisted Oak in Webb City. Rebecca, Kathie and Jeanene will be happy to help you find something unique you will love.