Webb City Cardinals Senior High Boys Baseball Star Cade Beason

Age: 18

Grade: Senior

Parents: Kelly & Michele Beason

Sibling: Kaitlin Beason (21)

Favorite Subject: Biology

Favorite Food: Ribeye Steak

Favorite Sports Movie: Trouble with the Curve

Favorite Major League Baseball Star: Mike Trout

Quotable: Beason recognizes there is no “I” in team and says, “My teammates come before myself. I’m always chatting between pitches and picking my teammates up.”


Senior Cade Beason Dazzles on Diamond for Webb City Senior High Baseball Team

Webb City Cardinals senior high school third baseman/pitcher Cade Beason has put together a sparkling career on the baseball diamond thus far.

He’s not done yet. Beason’s final season at Webb City is just under way after a phenomenal performance throughout his junior year when he had a .407 batting average, six doubles, three triples, 15 RBI and seven steals, while managing a 4-2 pitching record with two saves and 60 strike outs.

Cardinals third-year Head Coach Garry Highfill appreciates Beason’s terrific talent and believes he’s able to excel because “Cade is a big, physical, athletic player that moves well.

“He covers a lot of ground at third base. He also has a dominating presence on the mound.”

As someone who has played this sport for 12 years, Beason knows the game well, and he confidently says, “I’m a smart baseball player. I always know what is happening on the baseball diamond before the pitch is pitched.

“I would say being able to handle pressure situations is also a great attribute. I have always found a way to get it done.”

Confidence notwithstanding, Beason understands the crucial components of his primary position (third base) and striving to play it mistake-free. “A vocal person is vital, always communicating. You want to be aggressive and take charge of any ball you can.

“A strong arm is also a good asset. Sometimes you are caught in a not-so-ideal situation as a third baseman and having great arm strength helps a lot.”

Providing more insight to the not-so-easy aspects of playing third, Beason says, “One of the biggest challenges is reaction time. Third to home is not a long way when a hitter has an exit velocity of 80 mph or above off the bat.

“Also, I would say long throws are a challenge. Sometimes you find yourself deep in the hole and you have to find a way to still get an out.”

Regardless of what may come to him naturally or any difficulties he faces along the way, Coach Highfill believes what makes Beason so good at baseball is, “He’s very athletic and coachable. He is an extremely hard worker.”

Coach Highfill has seen quite a bit he finds to be worth saluting about Beason over the past three years and says, “Cade has made great improvement in his swing and confidence level since I’ve been here. He works at being better, so his overall game has improved a lot.

“What has impressed me the most has been his ability to work. I often see him in the batting cage by himself working on hitting. He is very humble and is always asking questions to get better.”

Beason says his greatest joy about baseball is “getting to play the game I love with my friends.”

Coach Highfill affirms, “What makes me proud of Cade is that he has always been one of the hardest workers in our program. He does the things that coaches strive to get their players to do. It has been awesome coaching him, and I hope that all of our young players learn from him.”