DDS® Dentures + Implant Solutions® can give you the smile you’ve

always dreamed of.

The dentists at DDS® Dentures + Implant Solutions® are dedicated to

making your experience as comfortable as possible. They serve all their

patients with unforgettable compassion and expertise.

Dr. Joe Robinson has been with DDS® Dentures + Implant Solutions®

for several years and moved to Joplin in 2013 to be part of opening the

clinic here.

“I enjoy DDS® because it’s a privately owned company and has a family

atmosphere,” he said. “It’s very rewarding to have the opportunity to

relieve patients’ pain and help them smile again.”

Dr. Jacob Smith chose DDS® because of how quickly it allows him to have

a positive impact on someone’s life.

“We specialize in same-day dentures, which is an innovative way of

combining the dental clinic with the laboratory,” he said. “It allows us

to communicate efficiently with the lab to provide quick and excellent

results, which ultimately saves the patient time and money to achieve a

healthy condition sooner.”

Today’s dental treatments and advanced materials can give you a

healthy, beautiful smile to last a lifetime. Schedule a consultation at

DDS® Dentures + Implant Solutions® today!

1816 S. Range Line Rd. | Joplin, MO | 417.572.0002

Providers are general dentists, not specialists. Implantology is a specialty area not

recognized by the ADA that requires no specific educational training to advertise this

service. Dr. Heath Bryan Coleman of Missouri, DDS®, LLC and Associates – General Dentistry