The Face of Cancer Care

Dr. Matthew Miller, INTEGRIS Grove Hospital and

Freeman Cornell-Beshore Cancer Institute

Dr. Matthew Miller enjoys building relationships with his patients

and makes it a point to be a friendly presence in their lives.

As an oncologist, which means he deals with the prevention,

diagnosis and treatment of cancer, he is by his patients’ side

through each step of their cancer journey.

“I was originally drawn to oncology as a medical student because

I realized it was a great fit for my personality,” he said. “I knew I

wanted to be able to build lasting relationships with my patients.”

He is a Freeman doctor with the Freeman Cornell-Beshore Cancer

Institute, but every Tuesday he’s available to patients in Grove,

Oklahoma, at INTEGRIS Grove Hospital.

“I’ve been coming to Grove since fall 2006. I love this community

and the people in it, so it means a lot to me to be able to come here.”

Dr. Miller has one patient in particular with whom he has built a

relationship since he first started practicing in Grove.

“He’s a lymphoma patient who was diagnosed in 2006, and it’s a

type of lymphoma that’s usually associated with two to three years

of survival,” he said. “And here we are in the 13th year and he’s

doing great. He’s currently off treatment and enjoying life.”

He said another way his career has been rewarding is seeing the

many medical advancements over the years.

“What oncology looked like when I started practice 12-and-a-half

years ago is completely different now. We’ve seen advances I never

would’ve thought possible back then, so it’s been very exciting.”

Dr. Miller admitted one of the most challenging but most

important parts of his job is easing his patients’ fears.

“People who come in are often very frightened,” he said. “I’ve

found that giving them a plan, explaining the process and keeping

them informed is so helpful. You can just kind of see a calm come

over people.”

INTEGRIS Grove Hospital | 1001 E. 18th St.

Grove, OK | 417.347.4000