The Face of Heart Care

Dr. Darwin Jeyaraj

Freeman Heart & Vascular Institute

Dr. Darwin Jeyaraj has a passion for saving lives that

was first ignited as a medical student.

“When I was in medical school in India, where the

resources are very limited, I was trying to take care

of a patient who was having a heart attack and had

heart block. The physician working with me put in

a pacemaker and brought him to life,” Dr. Jeyaraj

said. “In cardiology, one moment the patient is in

impending doom and the next second, they’re

sitting there talking to you. It’s almost like magic.”

Today, Dr. Jeyaraj is a cardiologist with Freeman

Heart & Vascular Institute. He travels to Oklahoma to

serve patients in Miami each Tuesday and in Grove

each Wednesday.

“It’s a privilege to serve patients in Oklahoma. Miami

and Grove are different communities with quite

diverse needs. For instance, Grove is a retirement

community, so we see elderly patients with a broad

range of cardiovascular issues.”

Freeman Heart & Vascular Institute clinics in both

Miami and Grove treat a large spectrum of cardiac

and vascular problems. Dr. Jeyaraj said the most

common problem he sees are those related to

blockages in the heart causing chest pain and

shortness of breath. He also cares for patients with

heart rhythm problems including atrial fibrillation,

which is more common among the elderly and puts

people at risk for a stroke. The clinic also treats and

monitors patients with valvular heart disease such

as aortic stenosis. In addition, he provides therapy

for patients with peripheral vascular disease causing

pain when they walk, as well as wounds that won’t

heal. Aneurysms caused by weakening of blood

vessels are evaluated and treated in the clinic, along

with blood clots in legs or lungs. In addition to all

this, he treats some primary care problems such as

particularly high blood pressure and cholesterolrelated


“When we can take care of people having significant

cardiovascular problems affecting their quality

of life and help them get better, and they come

back and tell us how great they’re feeling and how

they’re back to their normal lives, it makes it all


Freeman Heart & Vascular Institute | Grove, OK

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