Taste of the 4-States

Article and photos
by Savanah Mandeville

Sit Back, Relax, Enjoy

Mythos offers upscale, leisurely
dining experience


When I studied abroad in Europe, one of the things I noticed was how much longer people stay at restaurants.

I remember tapping my foot impatiently under the table at an Indian restaurant in London.

“We’ve been done eating forever… where’s our check?”

My professor told our group that across the pond, eating at a restaurant is a slower event, and people actually sit and talk to each other after the meal.   

My boyfriend, Ryan, and I have a tradition where we go to Mythos and basically pretend we’re on a European vacation. When we eat there, we slow down. Way down. It’s our time to relax, unwind and talk about something other than whose turn it is to change the litterbox.

We’re both pretty active people, too, and our evenings are usually spent riding bikes, running or at the gym, but Mythos is our time to lounge. To pig out. And we go big or go home. Or rather, go big and go home to pass out in a food coma. We embark on our own little Tour de Mythos and indulge in the full five-course extravaganza: appetizers, soup and salad, bread and oil, main course and dessert. On our last visit, we languished at our table for three hours. Sorry, not sorry.

In fact, our server, Chad, told us he’d only seen four people ever make it through every course without taking anything to go (Ryan and I were not those people, but we were close). I joked Mythos needed to start giving away T-shirts to those champion eaters.   

We started the evening with crab cakes and spicy feta dip. The crab cakes looked so good, the table next to us ordered them, too. 


Chad was very charming, knowledgeable and helpful. He convinced me to try a caprese salad for the first time (I’m not a big fan of tomatoes), and it was delicious. Chad made me a believer.

Ryan got the soup of the day, an asparagus mushroom bisque, which I tried, of course, because … asparagus, mushrooms, soup? Um, yes please!



Ryan went with a Mythos classic: the pepper grilled ribeye, a 12-ounce Certified Angus Beef Ribeye with blue cheese and chive compound butter, caramelized onions, balsamic, grilled portabella mushrooms and garlic mashed potatoes. Chad recommended he pair it with the Raymond Cabernet, which turned out to be an excellent fit.

My filet was topped with a crab and mascarpone-stuffed portabella, fire-roasted red pepper butter sauce, drizzled white truffle oil and roasted root veggies. It was every bit as good as it sounds.   

For dessert, we debated between the tiramisu or Mythos’ famous strawberry shortcake but ultimately went with the former because we always get the shortcake. Like everything, the tiramisu was as beautiful as it was tasty. It even comes in an edible bowl – a fun little surprise.


Life gets crazy sometimes, and we Americans are always on the go. Allow yourself to enjoy a slower way of life at Mythos.