Wolkar Drug – Kanisha Steward, clerk; Becky Gaston, technician/office manager; Candice Anderson, technician; Crystal Hatcher, OTC Manager; Sarah Hall, inventory manager; Trina Hamilton, technician; Emily Spencer, clerk; Haley Hembree, clerk; Brad Cotton, home delivery manger; Lindsay Ashe, technician; Jonette Kunard, pharmacist; Brian Caswell, pharmacist.

Forty-six years ago, Eddie Wolkar started Wolkar Drug with a vision to serve patients personally and professionally while maintaining easy, convenient and affordable care.

Those values hold strong under the leadership of Pharmacist Brian Caswell, who has been president of Wolkar Drug since 1995.

“We know most of the patients who walk through the door by name,” Caswell said. “The pharmacy is visited more than any other health provider out there, so we consider ourselves a healthcare destination and make it a point to know our patients well so we can tailor our services to fit their needs.”

Wolkar Drug employees bring a total of over 150 years of experience to tackle any question or problem you have. They strive to bring the latest technological advances in pharmacy practice to Cherokee County. For example, Wolkar Drug uses text reminders for refills and pick-ups and recently implemented QR codes on prescription bottles.

It’s that passion for patient care and convenience that has earned Wolkar Drug the title of Small Business of the Year many times over.

1920 Military Ave. | Baxter Springs, KS  | 620.856.5555 | www.wolkardrug.com