Once again, in our 12th annual Cutest Pet Contest, the pets of the Four States have proven to be the cutest around. From horses and bunnies, to cats and dogs and hamsters, these cuties have won our hearts. One hundred percent of the entry fees will benefit the Joplin Humane Society and Faithful Friends Animal Advocates, Neosho. These wonderful pets fill our homes with joy and enrich our lives. Enjoy each sweet photo with your own cutest pet by your side.

1st Place

Nine-month-old Cora Fae was adopted from the Joplin Humane Society in March by Mia and Steve Nokes.

“We’d both been furloughed from our jobs and decided it was the time to get a dog because we had time to work with her,” said Mia. “When we saw Cora Fae, she was so sad and terrified, and just tugged on our hearts. Now, she’s a happy, spoiled dog. Steve said she is like a princess, and she always wears flowers, or a bow or a cute bandana. She has a wonderful personality and has blossomed into a sweet, playful, fun dog who has the confidence of knowing she is loved very much. She has made our family complete.”


2nd Place

Ella Rae, a toy Australian shepherd, weighs in at just 10 pounds.

“Ella is very smart,” said Jennifer Beyer, who, with husband Christopher, has made a home for Ella Rae. “She’s learned to use the cat door, and because she is a herding breed, she loves to herd our two cats.”

Ella Rae loves her people and loves being with them. She follows them during the day and snuggles up between them at night or lays her head on their shoulders. She also loves any toy that squeaks and loves to chase balls.


3rd Place

Gray-and-white Hopper and tiger-striped Eleven weren’t always the best of friends.

“We adopted them at different times from the Joplin Humane Society,” said Mara Nowlin. “Chad got Hopper for me when we were dating, and later, we decided he needed a friend.”

But it took a while for Hopper and Eleven to learn to be friends. Mara and her husband, Chad, watched as the two cats learned to get along through all the hissing and posturing. “Now, they are the best of pals. They snuggle each other on the couch and even clean each other.”


Fan Favorite

Wrigley, a mini goldendoodle, is one smart puppy, according to her owner, Camie Schultz. “Wrigley loves to play, and she loves to eat. She was easy to train and can shake, roll over and sit. She even knows the word no,” said Camie. “Wrigley was very sick with puppy strangles for several weeks, but now she’s fully recovered. She’s all puppy and is growing and active!”