By Kathleen Swift

Introducing 10 impeccable products from 10 creative minds in the Four States. These 10 small businesses began with dreams and ideas that with hard work, have turned into thriving businesses. You’ll find products that beautify your skin, hand-made chocolate and beautiful quilts. There are nostalgic tees, hand-crafted mugs and precision-forged products for home and business. You’ll find furniture and hangings to bring joy and color and beauty into your home. Read about the impeccable goods that are created and sold right here in our area that can brighten your life.

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What started as a hobby many years ago has turned into a small business venture for Treva Wallace.

“I saw door hangers at craft shows and decided to make one for myself. I posted a photo online and started getting orders. I started my business in 2019, and the whole family pitches in. We are a family team that makes door hangers, porch signs and other home decor,” said Wallace.

Wallace makes hangers on both round and square boards, and even has a bunny door hanger for Easter. She can also make door hangers that are guest books for people to sign at weddings and then hang on their wall along with their photos.

Her work is at Paint Chips and Glitter Boutique in Webb City, Missouri, or find her on Facebook. You can also call 417.437.0300 or email her at [email protected].


Alchemist Haven

Angela Harris owns Rejuvenation Therapeutic Massage and started Alchemist Haven Elementals. She created Aphrodite’s Glow as part of a gentle skin care regimen for anti-aging.

“As a massage therapist, I hear so many people’s needs for their skin. I formulated Aphrodite’s Glow to be kind to every skin type, from the most oil prone to very mature. You will be pleased with results you see after the very first use,” said Harris.

“Aphrodite’s Glow is a combination of key oils, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to replenish, renew and fortify skin against the harsh elements of this world. Aphrodite’s Glow seemingly turns back the hands of time.”

Find Aphrodite’s Glow at Rejuvenation Therapeutic Massage, 430 South Pearl, Joplin, or call 417.529.7436. Find it at and on Facebook at Alchemist Haven and at Empire Market in Joplin.


Back to Beauty™
Anti-Wrinkle Head Cradle 

Helene Sheeler-Johnson is the inventor of the Back to Beauty™ Anti-Wrinkle Head Cradle beauty pillow.

“I was a stomach and side sleeper, and even as a teenager would wake up with bags under my eyes from sleeping face down.

“I tried to create a way to cradle my head and neck while sleeping on my back to reap the benefits of keeping pressure off my facial skin.

“No back-sleeping pillow on the market gave the support I was looking for or kept my face from being touched and smashed during sleep. After seeing studies confirming the importance of back sleeping for wrinkle prevention, I began working directly with a textile manufacturer to bring my concept for the Back to Beauty pillow to life.

The pillow is available locally at Derma Tech in Joplin and ships free from Etsy or Amazon. Learn more at


Candy House Gourmet

For over 50 years, Candy House Gourmet has made quality, gourmet hand-dipped chocolates.

Kayla Koff said, “We make chocolates for any occasion or no occasion at all. During this past year, we have found that people are wanting to give gifts just to make someone’s day. Our chocolates provide comfort and are a special indulgence everyone can enjoy. In addition to our chocolates, we also carry a line of other candies, too. We have something for every taste.”

Candy House Gourmet is open for in-store purchases and provides curbside pickup, local delivery or shipping from coast to coast. You can phone in your order and talk to a real person who can help you find just the thing to satisfy your sweet tooth or to give as a thoughtful gift.

Find Candy House Gourmet at 510 S. Kentucky Ave., Joplin or on Facebook. You can call them at 417.623.7171.


Dana Parker Quilts

Dana Parker began quilting in 1981 using what are now considered archaic methods of doing all the stages by hand.

“Over time, new tools and magnificent machines simplified the quilting process from start to finish.

“Creating a quilt all by hand is extremely time-consuming, so I invested in a longarm quilting machine. I learn something new every day, whether it be a new technique or how to fix a problem. My hope is that the people I quilt for will love their quilts as much as I enjoy quilting for them.

“Every quilt tells some kind of story, and I love imagining those stories as I quilt.

“In 2016, I created a quilting group, the Medella Quilters, that provides homemade quilts to those who may need a little extra comfort in dealing with whatever challenges they may be facing,” said Parker.

Contact Dana Parker at 417.825.3405 or at [email protected].


Daria Claiborne Mugs

Daria Claiborne has created pottery mugs for over 20 years and has found it to be both challenging and rewarding.

“What better way to promote your business than with a personalized mug? To create a mug, I first need a logo, then I contact a dear friend who has a 3-D printer to make a stamp, and from there I create a personalized add-on, which I attach to the mug.  Once the mug has its handle and attachment secured, I work on the colors on the logo.

“This Downtown Joplin mug is my third endeavor with personalized mugs. I firmly believe in being a part of local art communities. I’m a member of The Market Artisans with Empire Market, so Empire Market mugs were my first endeavor with personalized mugs. I’m also a member of Pittsburg’s ArtForms, so ArtForms has its own mugs now, too,” said Claiborne.

Contact Daria at [email protected] or find her mugs at Empire Market.


Forged Waterjet Fabrications

Forged Waterjet Fabrications is a small business owned by Megan and Josh Long that provides precision waterjet cutting services to industries, businesses and the public alike.

“We customize each project to meet our customer’s vision. We can custom cut parts and designs from necklace charm size up to 10 feet and out of ANY material up to 7 inches thick. In addition to waterjetting, we offer additional machining services, welding, bending, engraving, UV printing, vinyl and powdercoating.

“Forged services are perfect for machining, signage, awards/medals and displays, decor, stage design, community art projects, stone and tile creations, donor walls, sports fan gear, wedding decor, jewelry and personalized gifts.

“All of these are produced from the most environmentally friendly machining process using minimal energy resources and without using heat and/or chemicals and with the ability to recycle all materials,” said Long.

Contact Forged Waterjet Fabrication at or call 417.793.5744.


Gertie Lou Vintage Co.

Gertie Lou Vintage was founded by Adriane Baker and Delissa Dodd, two friends born in the wrong era. After meeting, they quickly realized they had a mutual appreciation for all things vintage.

“Gertie Lou Vintage Co. was born with the idea of creating t-shirts with vintage imagery. Being founded in Joplin, Missouri, made the city the logical starting point to be represented through these images.

“The goal of Gertie Lou Vintage Co. is to create products that spark memories of the past. When people don’t pass on their stories and experiences, their memories are lost. Boxes of photos sit in the closets of our grandparents. Those photos contain the stories of our ancestors, the stories that we need to preserve to share with the future generations,” said Dodd.

Purchase items at and at Blue Moon Boutique, downtown Joplin.


Hand Crafted by Shelby Anderson


Shelby Anderson creates beautiful wooden wall hangings.

“I’m a mother of three who found a hobby in woodworking. I come from a very creative family of women who have taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to, even if it’s a man-based field. I first saw wooden wall hangings online and decided that I could do that, too.

“Creating new art for clients is a passion of mine. I can make any pattern in almost any size. I have made and 8 foot by 3 foot hangings for metal house numbers, and with my lathe and other power tools, I can create most any size or pattern for my customers. The hangings can be painted or stained or left in the natural wood tones.”

Contact Shelby Anderson on Facebook at Hand Crafted by Shelby Anderson or call 417.758.3479.


Harrison Creek Creations

Jack Divine has been a woodworking hobbyist for over 30 years. He focuses on creating one-of-a-kind pieces of functional wood art.

“The past work of cutting shapes has given way to finding original shapes in the woods and making minimal changes. Gathering and assembling sticks, burls and stumps, I craft the pieces into unique, live-edge coffee tables, end tables, hall trees, benches, dining tables, conference tables and sofa/entry tables and other home furnishings and decor. Nearly all pieces are from downed, storm-damaged trees. Combining a slightly rustic look with a highly refined finish and an occasional splash of color is my preferred style.

“I have participated regularly in regional juried art fairs including the Annual Bella Vista Art Fair in Arkansas. In addition, I have sold and shipped pieces all across the U.S.”

Divine’s work is currently on display at Cherry’s Art Gallery in Carthage, Missouri, and the Rusty Moose Lodge Furniture Store in Springfield, Missouri, or call 417.451.6108.