New style of teaching for both dog and owner

By Debra Pamplin

Photos by Jennifer Thompson – Joplin, MO

Before Bri Rice accepted her first client, she created a clear and concise mission for Lead Your Dog. She states the journey of training should be “founded on the idea of building a greater understanding and growing together for the benefit of each other.” Lead Your Dog is a small business, run primarily by Bri, that focuses on safety and reliability for the dog and the dog owner. Her services are offered with the hope that man and man’s best friend can enjoy all the moments life offers.

With the understanding that training a dog is more than training just the dog but the owner, as well, Bri maintains the duo work together in the training process.

“The training journey should be founded on building a greater understanding and growing together for the benefit of each other.”

Bri Rice has a solid background in dog training, beginning with her time working in veterinarian offices in Kansas City. Laying the groundwork for hands-on interaction with dogs, she gained a few years of apprenticeship training before becoming part of a Kansas City-based training group as an intern.

After some time in the Kansas City, Missouri, area, she relocated the business to Joplin. Currently, she services clients locally as well as throughout the nation. The first step of the journey is a consultation. Bri will use that time to pinpoint exactly what help is being requested and will outline personalized services for you and your canine bestie.

Bri’s diverse training also includes insured therapy programs, public manners and off-leash behavior. A member of the International Association of Canina Professionals (IACP), Bri is also a canine good citizen evaluator through the AKC.

Clients can choose from a four-week board and train package or can opt for private lessons. Both options include individualized training and maintenance plans. Bri believes in the philosophy that “once you are a client, you are a lifelong friend.”

For the clients who sign up for the board and train option, their dogs will interact with the four resident dogs. This interaction can help address issues pertaining to socialization, anxiety and fear. In addition to rehab skills, public outings and sidekick outings are also daily skill-building activities.

She says a large source of pride comes from her dog, Mama. Though she currently has four dogs, Mamadogg is the one nearly always by her side and always within her heart. Mama is lovingly referred to as being the “Spock to Bri’s Kirk.”

According to the Lead Your Dog website, Bri shares that her company motto is “dogs change our lives for the better,” and the bond between man and man’s best friend is unparalleled.

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