By Kathleen Swift • Photos by Mandy Edmonson

Big Dog Boutique has grown from an e-commerce-only store into one of the area’s premier pet specialty stores. Located at 319 South Main Street in Carthage, Missouri, Big Dog Boutique owner Jeanette Cartright said, “We provide a unique shopping experience for our local dog owners. We currently offer the largest selection of collars and leashes for dogs ranging from teacup-sized to large dogs, in the Four-State Area.

“Since opening the storefront in 2018, our inventory and selection has grown substantially! We are proud to carry food and treats that are sourced and made in America, along with health care supplements that are created to work in a holistic way to provide dogs with an all-around healthy lifestyle.”

Complementing the lifestyle of pet owners and pets is what Big Dog Boutique is all about. They carry a wide variety of “toys and chews, from plush to durable, and interactive toys to provide mental stimulation for all ages and sizes of dogs,” said Cartright. “Our customers know when they come in our store that we strive to offer them not only the best products for their dogs, but also more understanding of what their particular dog needs to maintain or repair their health in an all-natural way. In our three years of having the storefront, we have established solid relationships with our customers. We love seeing them walk through the door, and many have become friends we have the privilege of seeing on a weekly basis.”

To better serve their customers and their pets, Big Dog Boutique recently added a dog-washing station. Cartright noted, “Our self-serve dog wash station is unique to our store and offers our customers a place to comfortably wash their dog without bending over. Our wash system is an all-in-one, easy-to-use system that saves time and makes the task of washing a dirty dog fun! Our customers love that they can come in with a smelly dog and leave the mess for us to clean up! Our wash features a variety of all-natural, quality shampoos and conditioners, brushes, drying chamois and towels, and a fur dryer.”

Big Dog Boutique offers only the highest-quality products for your dog.  

“When bringing on new product, much research is done to make sure it’s a good fit for our store,” said Cartright. “There isn’t anything that hasn’t been tested by my own dogs, and the majority of product comes from other small, family-owned businesses. Holistic health care has always been important to me, and so I use that same way of thinking for our dogs. We know our product before it arrives, from its ingredients and benefits to where it’s made and sourced. We are honest and confident in our recommendations of product and have staff that all have different breeds and sizes of dogs to cover a wide range of personal experiences.

“We are happy to say we have created a unique shopping experience for our customers and often brag about having the happiest customers. Who can be upset when surrounded by fun doggie stuff, and everyone loves to spoil their dog!

“While the storefront is the fun side of the business, we still maintain and work our website that ships worldwide. While we don’t get to see who our online customers are, it’s exciting to know there will be a happy dog at the other end!”

Stop by and visit Big Dog Boutique Monday-Friday from 10 am to 5:30 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.