By Allison Lee Riechman-Bennett

Everyone can volunteer their time to their community, but a rare few dedicate their life and their passion.

Brittany Washam, a Monett native and graduate of 2009, is no stranger to spending time with her community. Washam’s Master of Business Administration through William Woods University allows her key insight into business building and instructing. The community’s need for guidance is something she prides herself in nurturing. Washam found her love of volunteering and its value of it when her family fell into desperate need.

“My family and I volunteer together for Children’s Miracle Network and The Ronald McDonald House. When our son was born, he was in the NICU for 2 weeks, and both of these organizations provided to us in several ways. This experience really opened our eyes to show us what it was like to be in need truly, and how it felt when others give so graciously. We made a commitment during those hard days that we would continue to be change makers and help push forward the goals of these organizations. When we serve, we can truly connect with these families, and we hope to provide some sort of comfort to them, even if it is short-term. We continue to provide and serve meals at the Ronald McDonald House at Cox South several times a year, as well as having helped with maintenance of the house a few times. We are looking forward to getting back to serving in person now that COVID restrictions are lifted!”

Her every day consists of giving back to the people of Monett through a passion and expertise in business culture and connectivity. Her work at Jack Henry and Drury University, where she also teaches project management and leadership courses, helps steer her volunteered curricula for the public. 

“Attending Drury University as an undergrad allowed me to explore so many areas and help figure out where I wanted to focus. Now, I have the privilege of teaching college students and helping shape them to be contributing members of society. I view teaching as a leadership role and a way to showcase the importance of getting involved. Lead by example!”

Serving as the executive board chair for Monett Young Professionals, Washam works with the younger community and business leaders and dedicates her time to improving their communication and networking skills. MYPN provides small-group networking events, professional development programs and seminars, quarterly social events and an annual formal event designed to connect the up-and-coming leaders of Monett’s best and brightest. 

“Engaging with younger community members is always rewarding. Generally, they are a little more ambitious and willing to dedicate time to help enhance the community. Monett Young Professionals Network has been a great way to help younger professionals gain professional experience and knowledge while also providing them with volunteer opportunities. Coupling professionalism and volunteerism really drives home the concept of servant leadership. I would love to see more community participation from the younger generation. Get involved in something that is meaningful to you and help move the organization forward by volunteering your time and resources. Don’t sit back and wait for someone else to do it.”