By Don Lowe 

   Dr. Brian Reavley and his wife, Megan, have been a ‘perfect pair’ together in the workplace for nearly a decade, and they likely couldn’t imagine this relationship, both personally and professionally, ever being different at all.

   The Reavleys thoroughly enjoy the life they’ve built together as husband and wife while working diligently to make Reavley Dental in Lamar, Missouri, a success.

   “We first met working together,” Megan fondly recalls. “We really haven’t known it any other way. It worked from the beginning, and we haven’t considered changing it. We make a good team.” 

   The way Brian sees it is “we have a good balance of keeping work and our personal lives separate.” 

   Perhaps what helps them is they worked together about a couple of years or so before deciding to go out together. After that, it was still another two years or so before they officially tied the knot. 

   While they didn’t rush things, Megan had thoughts about what she wanted and expected in a husband from an early age and says, “Since I was a young girl, I had high standards for the man I was to marry. 

   “I prayed I would find a man who was smart, responsible, funny, caring and kind, as well as adventurous, outgoing and, of course, handsome. And from day one, Brian checked all those boxes and many more.” 

   As for what convinced Brian this young woman who had been working with him was the perfect person to marry, he shares, “I knew after Megan said she didn’t want to go hunting with me, but would go shooting, fishing and four-wheeling with me, she was the one.” 

   Keeping it lighthearted, Brian says Megan “also puts up with my shenanigans, and she thinks I am funny. We make a great team.” 

   This couple makes a terrific tandem at the office, and Brian says, “There really haven’t been any challenges with us working together. I don’t have to come home and explain what happened in my day at work because Megan already knows.” 

   In considering the key to making their professional relationship go so beautifully, Brian and Megan both agree it’s “boundaries. Keeping work at work and personal time, personal time.” 

   The Reavleys have a great appreciation for how they each do their jobs, and Brian recognizes that “Megan is detail-oriented and cares about our patients. She always does what is best for our patients, no matter the trade off.” 

   Megan, meanwhile, says, “Brian is a great dentist. It is hard to come by a doctor that has a good bedside manner and does good work, but Brian has both skills. He is a great leader, innovative, tech savvy and keeps up with the latest dental technology.” 

   The Reavleys have every reason to be thrilled with what they’ve teamed up to build and their special partnership in making it successful. 

   “Going to a dental office is not usually on someone’s favorite list,” Megan admits. “Together, we have worked to create a beautiful office. We have an amazing team, and we all strive to help make it the most comfortable experience for each person who walks through the doors of Reavley Dental.” 

   Brian assures, “We invest in the important things in our business – patient comfort and atmosphere. I can guarantee we have the nicest and cleanest dental office of any doctor’s office in a 100-mile radius. This is accomplished with our whole team. It takes all nine of us to make this work.” 

   Brian and Megan have a strong relationship – at home and on the job – that works wonderfully well. 

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Reavley Dental (Brian & Megan) Fast Facts

Ages: Brian, 40, and Megan, 32

Important Dates: Met in 2014, started dating in 2016 and married May 19, 2018

Pets: Chase, a 10-year-old Alaskan Husky and Preston, a 3-year-old Golden Doodle

Hometowns: Brian was born and raised in Lamar, Missouri; Megan was born in New Port Richey, Florida, and was raised in Nevada, Missouri     

High School Alma Maters: Brian: Lamar High School; Megan: Nevada High School   

College Alma Maters: Brian: Metropolitan State University of Denver (2007) and University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC) School of Dentistry (2011); Megan: Midwest Technical Institute (Springfield, Missouri) and Ozark Technical Community College (Springfield, Missouri)   

Degrees: Brian: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Doctorate in Dental Surgery, DDS; Megan: Associate of Arts, Dental Assisting Certificate and Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene

Careers: Brian: Dentist/Owner of Reavley Dental; Megan: Certified Dental Assistant and Registered Dental Hygienist at Reavley Dental   

Relaxation and Recreation Fun: Megan says, “We enjoy relaxing at home and being with our dogs. When we have time to vacation, we really enjoy going to different ski towns. We love skiing together. We also love roller skating. In April, you can find us hiking through timber for morel mushrooms.” As for Brian, he says, “We enjoy shooting USPSA matches when we can. I enjoy taking care of our chickens and baling hay in the summer. A new place to trout fish is always on our list in the summer.”