By Don Lowe 

   HHR Contractors owner Thad Hood has built a strong foundation with his company in Monett, Missouri, over the past 13 years, and he simply loves doing business in this Barry County city of nearly 10,000 residents. 

   Hood believes there’s a lot for businesses to like about this Southwest Missouri town, and he says, “I feel our city is always striving to become better. I’m on the Monett Mainstreet Board, which is always trying to do things to draw people to shop local. 

   “A large pavilion was built on Front Street, where we have First on Front during the summer, and we have Food Truck Fridays. Our city park is a beautiful location to take your family. We have a newer YMCA, Greenway Trails and a wonderful 18-hole golf course. Not to mention, Monett has a great school system.” 

   After being born and raised in this area, Hood relocated to the West Coast for a while, before returning to his roots. “I came back from California to help my dad with the family farm and ended up getting married in 2011. And my wife (Rexanna) was from Monett.” 

   The way Hood sees it, the reason for ultimately deciding to set up shop here wasn’t complicated. “Monett is where my wife grew up, and it is appealing because this community is a great place to grow.” 

   Hood is convinced companies can be successful in Monett because “we have industry that draws workers from all over, which makes it appealing for business and a great location to live. 

   “It is close to Joplin, Springfield and Northwest Arkansas, so you can visit without having to live in the big cities.” 

   Hood considers this to be a terrific place to live and work. “I think Monett still has the small hometown feel, yet there is constant growth, and this provides the opportunity to be successful in business.” 

   Hood is thrilled to be a business owner here, and he stresses that what makes him most proud about it is “the support of a great community and loyal customers that have become friends over the years.” 

   Overall, Hood is as invested in Monett as anyone, both personally and professionally, so it is easy to see his passion for helping lead important restoration and revitalization projects. 

   “Monett downtown is extremely important to me,” Hood says. “I got excited when my company helped remodel the Monett Historical Society Museum building, in which my offices are now located on the second floor. Seeing the transformation of the old building gave me the motivation to want to continue to improve other older buildings in the area. 

   “We are now working on what was once the First National Bank building (4th and Broadway). I also own the building east of it, which is where I plan to have our real estate business, with loft apartments upstairs.” 

   Hood remains committed more than ever to make Monett a desirable destination, and he says “drawing people to our downtown area, I think, is vital to make any small town appealing so that people want to visit our establishment and eventually live here. 

   “Updating the buildings, which in turn will attract retail shops and restaurants, is my prime goal for the downtown future.” 

Thad Hood/HHR Contractors Fast Facts 

Age: 55 

Wife: Rexanna, 52

Children: Daughter, Alex, 21  

Hometown: Aurora, Missouri     

High School Alma Mater: Aurora High School  

Career: Owner of HHR Contractors LLC, HHR Custom Homes and HHR Realty 

Relaxation and Recreation Fun: My wife and I love to travel. I love fine dining.