By Amy Howe

Courtney’s Candles & Creations started as a hobby with Wilma Belliss making candles in her home kitchen. She shared her love of candles with her friends and family, which led to sharing with people all around the area at local craft shows. As the business began to grow, Courtney’s Candles moved into a 10,000-square-foot warehouse where it still resides today.

Generation upon generation, four to be exact, is who you’ll find helping in the store and handling day-to-day operations. This includes Wilma’s mom, Roxanna, expert Warmie wrapper and inspector; Wilma, the founder and candle extraordinaire; Courtney Barnard, Wilma’s daughter, marketing manager and the namesake; and Barrett, Courtney’s son, who loves to take the lids off jars and play with the peanut machine.

A close look at the company’s logo reveals Courtney holding a candle when she was 8 years old.

Putting family first brings joy to Courtney and her family. “Sometimes it gets a little tricky having two husband-and-wife teams (and mother/daughter) at the helm, but I like to think we balance each other out,” said Courtney. “We each have our own niche and it just works. We consider our employees family and value what they bring to the table! You will also be greeted by some cute furry faces. Who doesn’t love to bring their dog to work?”

For the last three decades, Courtney’s Candles & Creations has continued to operate as a family-owned company, making their own candles and home fragrance items. “All our brand Courtney’s products are made right here in Joplin,” said Courtney. “We sell everything from fragrance oils, room sprays, reed diffusers, scented candles, fragrance lamp oils and lamps, to wax melts and warmers.”

Courtney’s Candles also expanded their business to include many other brands and products they love. They carry many popular brands like Woodwick, Tyler Candles, Mixture, Warmies, plus others and have a large inventory in stock.

For the last 20 years, Courtney’s Candles & Creations has primarily sold online and will continue to do so, but they wanted to showcase what they have to offer to their local customer family, too, and in turn refreshed their store front this year in order to better serve their local customers. The team is also working on a new website that’ll launch this summer.

Each year, Courtney’s Candles & Creations continues to grow and adapt as new products and fragrances become available, and they invite you to visit them in person or online! 

Current Courtney’s Candles Staff Favorites:

Courtney – Flannel 

Chandley – Whiskey Reserve

Wilma – Black Currant Vanilla

Frank – Patchouli Pure

Candace – Orange Vanilla 

Robert – Maple Pecan 

Courtney’s Candles & Creations

2029 South Willard Avenue, Joplin, MO