By Amy Howe

Brandi Schol’s journey to motherhood is a testament to the transformative power of love and the remarkable bonds that form within a family. With four beautiful children by her side, Brandi’s story encapsulates the essence of unconditional love and the profound impact of adoption on the children and the parent.

 It all began with a serendipitous encounter at Sweetwater Baptist Church in Missouri. It was here where Brandi, from Joplin, Missouri, discovered the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home and its mission, which soon ignited a passion within her to provide a loving home for children in need. 

“I knew in my heart this was the path I was meant to take,” Brandi recalls, reflecting on her decision to embark on the journey of foster care and adoption.

In July 2017, Brandi welcomed her first foster placements, a 2-year-old girl and her baby brother, into her home. Despite the initial fears and uncertainties, Brandi embraced her newfound role as a mother with unwavering dedication. “I wanted so badly to simply give them as much love as I could, for as long as I could,” Brandi shares, highlighting her commitment to nurturing her foster children with compassion and grace.

As the children’s case goals shifted toward adoption, Brandi’s role as their mother became more permanent, both legally and emotionally. The journey was not without its challenges, but Brandi faced each obstacle with resilience and unwavering love.

One defining moment solidified Brandi’s identity as a mother – the moment her daughter joyfully exclaimed “Mama” upon seeing her at daycare. “It was just the most beautiful moment! I will never, ever forget this moment for the rest of my life,” Brandi says, cherishing the profound connection she shares with her children.

In 2019, Brandi’s journey took a new turn when she was blessed with a biological son. Little did she know, Brandi’s family would soon expand even further.

A phone call in 2021 brought unexpected news – the biological mother of Brandi’s older children had given birth to a baby boy, who would soon become a cherished member of their family. With open hearts and open arms, Brandi and her growing family embraced the newest addition, earning them the humorous moniker “ The Schol Squad.”

Reflecting on her journey, Brandi acknowledges the diverse forms of motherhood she has experienced – adoptive, foster and natural, and will be forever grateful for the lessons she has learned in each chapter of her story. “I may not have carried all of my babies, but I will always be their mother,” Brandi says, underscoring the enduring bond that transcends biological ties.

Brandi’s story is a testament to the truth that love knows no boundaries. Through the trials and triumphs of adoption, she has created a family bond together by love, faith and unwavering devotion – a true testament to the belief that love truly makes a family. 

“I may be single, but this was never a journey I was meant to take alone. I could not have done this without the loving support of my family, friends, church family and, above all, God.”

May 2024 • • 39