Love in the Workplace: The Newtons

 Love in the Workplace: The Newtons

 Love in the Workplace: The Newtons  At the end of the day, we have camaraderie. Brian Newton By Kathleen Swift   Q: How long have you been married and working together? Peggy: I started working here as an office girl before we were married, and we’ve been...

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Love in the Workplace: The Hacketts

Love in the Workplace: The Hacketts

Love in the Workplace: The Hacketts  I decided to open a restaurant and bring my wings to Joplin, and God has truly blessed us here. Floyd Hackett By Kathleen Swift Q: How long have you been married and worked together? Jacqueline: We’ve been married for 15 years, and...

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Faces of Webb City: The Faces of Emergency Management

Faces of Webb City: The Faces of Emergency Management

Faces of Webb City   The Faces of Emergency Management   Police Chief Don Melton and Fire Chief Andrew Roughton, the City of Webb City Missouri Emergency Management Agency   Since 1969, the mission of the City of Webb City, Missouri, Emergency Management...

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Love in the Workplace: The Neals

Love in the Workplace: The Neals

Love in the Workplace: The Neals We have mutual respect and admiration for each other’s intelligence and individual strengths. Jeff Neal By Kathleen Swift Q: How long have your been married and worked together? Carolina: We’ve been married for 17 years. While living...

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Editor’s Letter


Let’s Keep Marching On

Resilience is the ability to recover from difficult times. Tenacity is taking those difficulties and shaping the world around us to be a better place. March honors the 146th birthday of Joplin, and our community has proven to be both resilient and tenacious. Joplin’s strength and charm is unique. Thank you to all the city leaders, residents, volunteers, business owners and partnering communities for always facing difficulty with strength, challenges with passion and creating a community we all can proudly call home. Happy 146th Birthday!

Not only are we tough, but we are beautiful. The 9th Annual Nature Photo Contest brought in 70 entries highlighting the landscape of our region. These photographers captured the natural beauty all around us. From snowy to sunny days and backyards to conservation areas, they captured the beauty of Southwest Missouri’s four seasons. Turn to page 60 and see all of our entries. It is always such a tough decision for our panel of judges. The proceeds from the photo contest benefit Wildcat Glades Friends Group.

SMTO would like to honor the life of Bunny Newton. On page 59, you can read about how Bunny was a local business owner since 1939 and about his dedication to our city, his family and his true sense of adventure. Bunny touched a lot of lives, including mine. Bunny inspired me to follow in his footsteps and chase my dreams and passion. His words of encouragement helped me take my leap of faith of starting a locally owned magazine to highlight the culture and lifestyle of our region. Joplin lost a hero, and I lost a friend. Bunny, the imprint of your life walks within all those you touched.  

Gary Stubblefield, the former Carl Junction Chamber of Commerce president, recently made a career change, and we could not be happier for him. Gary is no stranger to feature articles in SMTO, and we are excited to introduce him as a local, trustworthy real estate agent. Gary joined the Just Call Jo Team and will provide us with a monthly column to assist in all “our buying and selling a home” needs. This month, he brings us “10 Steps to Sell Your House for More Money.” Check it out. He has provided some great information. Thank you, Gary, for always taking us with you on your journey in life!

We’re proud to feature Webb City in this month’s issue. From catching a ball game at King Jack Park to perusing the farmer’s market, Webb City has so much to offer. Check out our “Faces of Webb City,” meet the ladies of the Chamber, get to know two men dedicated to keeping the city safe and get acquainted with doctors who are committed to the health of the community. Go Cardinals! 

We have two exciting business expositions in March. The Carl Junction Business Expo 2019 Disco Inferno is March 1 and 2. The Neosho Business Expo Celebrating ‘70s Style is March 15 and 16. Now, for the best part, SMTO Magazine is giving away an Atari Flashback 8 Gold with 120 preloaded games at both expos! You can register to win by stopping by our booth. In addition, we will give away retro candy and lots of other prizes to spin to win!

Happy March! Let’s enjoy longer days with warmer temperatures!

Lee Radcliff

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