I’m Not Finished Yet

I’m Not Finished Yet

By Kathleen Swift • Photo by Artistic Expressions Photography “I’d wanted to be a fire fighter since I was a kid,” said Jimmy Burgess, “but my friends were joining the military, and up to that point, I had no plans. I joined the Air Force reserves and eventually ended...

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Casting a Line in the SEK: An Anglers’ Paradise

Casting a Line in the SEK: An Anglers’ Paradise

By Connor J. Ossowski, District Fisheries Biologist Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism It was the first day of what felt like summer without the consistency of the forecast showing a chance of rain. It was 5:30 in the morning, and I was heading out to...

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True North: Developing Leaders

True North: Developing Leaders

By Kathleen Swift Jimmy Burgess envisioned a new style of team building and leadership training that would operate in a military style. It would be a place where veterans and others could discover strengths in themselves and do things they didn’t know were possible....

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!Editor’s Letter


All the Reasons Why

August marks the 19th year of Show Me The Ozarks Magazine. With each passing year, I grow more and more grateful for the ongoing opportunity to highlight and celebrate the lifestyle of our region. Today, I am going to share some of the reasons why I love what I do.

I love featuring the people who make our communities strong. Our small towns, and our cities, are complete with teams of people doing their part, big or small, to make the lives of all residents better. We are continuously overcoming obstacles and combining resources. I love sharing the stories of small-town heroes making a big impact right here at home.

I love showcasing the unique events and sites of our region. From the rolling hills and lake views to the community events and fine arts, we live in an area rich in beauty, history and entertainment. I love being a guide for our readers’ social calendars.

I love supporting local businesses. I enjoy featuring the heart of the people behind the scenes and sharing the one-of-a-kind finds and services. I am passionate about reminding our readers what it means to shop local, and I have greatly enjoyed watching people take big risks and find success in following their dreams.

I love partnering with area not-for-profits to support their mission. We have such great leaders who are committed to finding cures, supporting animals, providing needed resources and more. I appreciate the opportunity to do our small part, whether that is sponsoring an event, hosting a fundraiser or helping spread the word in our magazine or social media. I love being able to help pour into our communities.

I love highlighting the special events in life. Whether that is helping brides plan their special day or giving tips to future homeowners on buying a home, I enjoy connecting people to services that are quality, needed and memorable, and giving information that will help people make wise decisions.

I love working with a team of professionals who are passionate about their craft. When writing an article, our writers are committed to providing information and resources to help our readers. Our photographers are passionate about capturing the personalities of the people and the beauty of our landscapes. I could not ask for a more dedicated team.

Most of all, I love being out in the community and meeting so many individuals over the years. I have built friendships that have lasted a minute or a lifetime. I have heard stories that have captured my heart and learned about sacrifice, commitment and love.

I have loved the past 19 years and am looking forward to the year 20 that lies ahead!


Lee Radcliff


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