Wedding Destinations: Lovie’s Recycled Weddings

Wedding Destinations: Lovie’s Recycled Weddings

Lovie’s Recycled Weddings Where Her Something Old Becomes Your Something New If a fairy-tale experience is the bride’s wish, then Lovie’s Recycled Weddings can help her get what she deserves on her special day. An array of stunning wedding gowns give a bride a variety...

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Unique Fitness: Pole Fitness with Shannon Wilcox

Unique Fitness: Pole Fitness with Shannon Wilcox

Pole Fitness By Savanah Mandeville     “When you’re having fun … that’s when you don’t even realize that you’re working out.” – Shannon Strahan   “For me, pole fitness is always a fun hour, it’s expressive, there’s a dance element, it’s great comradery...

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Unique Fitness: Barre with Jessica Taylor

Unique Fitness: Barre with Jessica Taylor

“You’re going to see those muscles being built and inches on your waist coming off quickly.” – Jessica Taylor   With a new and unique style of fitness called Barre, anyone can have the grace, strength and flexibility of a ballerina. Barre has elements of ballet...

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Wedding Destinations: DeCarlo’s Italian Cafe

Wedding Destinations: DeCarlo’s Italian Cafe

DeCarlo’s Italian Cafe “Taste of Italian in Downtown Neosho” Italian might be known as the language of love but, far more importantly, it's also the language of food. DeCarlo’s Italian Café in downtown Neosho can accommodate both! Once you pair the romantic, courtyard...

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Editor’s Letter


A New Starting Point


This morning, my daughter-in-law graduated from Missouri Southern State University with over 200 fellow graduates. The auditorium was packed with family and friends supporting their loved ones who spent a minimum of four years chasing their dreams. The feeling of excitement, wonder and hope was contagious. Today marked a new beginning for each of the graduates, a new journey and a new starting point.


Each New Year is a new starting point for all of us. The closer we get to the ball dropping in Times Square, the more we evaluate the years that have passed so quickly and process the wants, desires and needs for the future. Each year, we make promises, we build dreams and we believe in the magic of a new starting point. Each year, those wants look different, the desires take different forms and the definition of needs often change.


However, today I had a new thought. In the year of 2019, we are going to have more new starting points than the moment the hand strikes midnight and we make that toast to new beginnings. In this year, there will be other graduates who walk across the stage, there will be wedding proposals, new jobs, new work-out routines, new babies born, new friendship formed, new dreams, and the list could go on. Most likely, none of these occasions will only occur on New Year’s Day.


A new starting point happens every day and we, Show Me The Ozarks Magazine, want to be your resource or inspiration every month of the New Year. In 2019, we hope to bring back all of the favorites, and we will add our own new starting points with new features, new contests and new ideas to capture the heart and personality of our region.


In addition, we will be cognizant that your new starting points happen all year round, not always planned and not on just one day of the year. A wedding proposal. We will continue to provide you with our go-to guide with everything you need to plan your special day. Birth of a new baby. We will bring our Baby Contest back for the 17th year to help celebrate the beautiful bundle of joy in your life. Graduate. We will continue to recognize the educators and share the success of the students in our region who teach our young minds and the individuals that work hard to seek further education. New dream. We will highlight local business owners, new and old, to appreciate the service to the community they provide and inspire others to take the leap of faith to follow their dreams. New you. We will continue to bring new workout routines and healthy living tips to inspire good health and long living.


This year, let’s create as many new starting points as possible. Let’s not be restrained to one day of the year. Let’s take all 365 days and approach each as a new starting point. Let’s recognize that each day gets us a little closer to the final outcome. Let’s not let little setbacks stand in our way to our final destinations. Let’s take as many new starting points as we need to find what we are looking for. Let’s do that together as a family, as friends and as a community.


Happy New Year!

Lee Radcliff

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