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!Editor’s Letter


To Love and Be Loved

February is the month of love, and in this edition, we hope to remind you the greatest gift is to love and to be loved. We bring you feature articles that highlight a community member sharing her love with the world, individuals looking to add a special person in their already-enriched lives and couples sharing the love of owning their own business and we give you the tools to start down the path of love by first loving yourself. Our February edition honors and recognizes love!

Art is Love. Linda Teeter has an undeniable love for the arts, and her love does not end with her own personal pursuit. Linda has dedicated the last seven years of her life creating artistic endeavors for everyone to enjoy. Turn to page 28 to learn how Linda has turned her personal passion into a charge to enrich the lives of others. Learn about how she has been an active participant in many organizations, how she has been recognized by our community and how she is sharing her love for art with the world.

Singles in the City. In our Singles in the City section, you will meet men and woman who are living life large with big personalities, big dreams and even bigger hearts. Turn to page 32 and meet seven local professionals who are enjoying all the adventures of life but want to add that special someone to enhance their life. Don’t be skeptical…the love of your life might simply be a few page turns away!

Love in the Workplace. The mystery of love and all it brings is a story told over and over. From shared connections to love at first sight, we are obsessed. Jeff and Kelli Starkweather and Charles and Malinda Spencer are two couples who have beautiful love stories. However, they have an added bonus. They met, they fell in love and they opened a business together. Turn to pages 38 and 40 to learn how they are not only winning at love but pursuing their shared passion of providing products and services to our community. Learn their secrets to balancing work and play with the one you love!

Things We Love. We love locally owned businesses. We love the ideas that grew into reality by persistence and dedication. We love the individuals who have given their blood, sweat and tears to live their dream. We love seeing the names of locally owned businesses–committed to making our communities strong–on the front of t-ball shirts, in yearbooks and as donors to local nonprofits. But, do you know what we love even more? We love that our local businesses offer the best services and products paired with the greatest customer service available. Turn to page 43 to see why it is so easy to love the Things We Love.

Loving Our Self. February is a month we often focus on showing others we love them, but Mindy Miller reminds us love truly begins with loving ourselves. On page 52, she states self-love is not selfish, self-love can be difficult, and she shares how to fall in love with ourselves. Afterall, how can we accept love from others if we can’t accept it from our self?

Here is to taking the first step, and all the steps after, during the month of love and remembering the greatest gift is to love and be loved.



Lee Radcliff




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