Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decorating Ideas

By Holly Hukill, Certified Interior Decorator, C.I.D. The article for December is probably the hardest for me to write. There are so many different and wonderful ways to decorate for Christmas! My sister and her husband used to decorate with blue and silver. It was an...

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Opa! Our Greek Family and Restaurant

Opa! Our Greek Family and Restaurant

By Kathleen Swift • Cover Photo by Artistic Expressions Photography • Restaurant Photos by Savanah Mandeville   “We were both born and raised into the restaurant business,” said George and Jamie Michalopoulos, owners of Mythos Restaurant in Joplin, Missouri. Both hail...

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A Heartwarming Christmas

A Heartwarming Christmas

By Kathleen Swift Photos by Savanah Mandeville Christmas is a magical time, and it brings many traditions to the celebration. For the Gene and Paula Baker family, this includes all the light and love and decorations of the season. Austin Baker, Gene and Paula’s...

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Simply Elegant

Simply Elegant

Article and photos by Savanah Mandeville When most people think of Christmas, the colors green and red are probably among the first things to come to mind. Not for Cindy Amayo, whose distinctive holiday home is awash with shades of white, silver, gold and pink. Amayo...

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Editor’s Letter


Perfect Vision 

  1. A new year. A new decade. A time to look back upon years past and a time to look forward to what is ahead. A new beginning. A new starting point.

Looking Back. When I listen to people say, “If I knew then what I know now,” or “If I wrote a letter to my future self,” I always ponder what exactly it is I wish I would have known or what advice I would have given. When I started this journey in 2001, I was excited to highlight the culture and lifestyle of our region. I knew I loved the communities and the people of the Four States. I knew I wanted to document, feature and celebrate all the reasons I love calling this “home.” However, I could not have predicted the depth and magnitude of the generosity, compassion and dedication of the community members and business owners. We have been successful due to endless events, gatherings, heroes, heartwarming stories and local experts that make up our everyday life.

Looking Forward. Early in my journey, I was asked, “Will you ever run out of stories to tell?” Now, I know more than ever how impossible that would be. Every day I meet a new volunteer doing what they can to change our world. I hear of a new local business owner chasing their dream. I find a new community event or a small piece of the natural beauty of the Ozarks we have not featured. I will meet another veteran or medical expert. We look forward to continuing to capture the heart of our people and pulse of our region.

Looking Back. Each passing year, we take a walk down memory lane. We remember local writers who penned features for us. We remember articles that warmed our heart and photography that inspired us. We remember all the people who poured their heart and soul over the years to make one article, one issue or a year of editions. From our advertisers, our writers, our photographers and our staff, we are so very grateful for every one of you.

Looking Forward. Each passing year, we are inspired. We love hearing from our readers. We love when new, innovative ideas are presented. We love bringing new feature stories, new local experts and growing as our communities continue to grow. We believe we have to be fluid; we need to continue to hear what it is people want to see, know and read and step up to the challenge. We love the opportunity to do that each month.

  1. The news we want to hear each time we visit the optometrist. It means we have perfect vision. In 2020, our goal is to continue to have our sight on all the people who helped us get to where we are and continue to look back to learn while we look forward to grow.

Let the new decade begin. 2020 here we come!


Lee Radcliff

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