Nicki and Levi Layton: Love Forever

Nicki and Levi Layton: Love Forever

By Kathleen Swift   By all accounts, Nicki and Levi’s wedding was a day of fun. Held at the Civil War Ranch Arena in Carthage, Missouri, the couple geared everything about their wedding as a celebration of love. Levi and Nicki went to high school together, but...

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Mother Tucker’s Pizza and More in Lamar

Mother Tucker’s Pizza and More in Lamar

By Kathleen Swift   When you find yourself in Lamar, Missouri, you are bound to notice several changes and new businesses just south of town. Near the golf course, one new restaurant you want to be sure to try is Mother Tucker’s Pizza. The restaurant is located...

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Editor’s Letter




The month of love. Our February edition is complete with things we love. From our cover story of the perfect pies from Big R’s restaurant to our 10 Tips You Need When Building and Remodeling, we have filled our pages with great people, outstanding services and products, and the most exciting things to see and do. There is just so much to love in our region!

Looking for Love? Turn to page 36 for our annual Singles in the City feature. This year we featured seven of the most eligible single people in our region. Each share a little bit about themselves and what they are looking to find. You never know, “the one” might be a few page turns away!

Love in the Workplace. Who said love and business do not mix? For these happy couples, the combination makes the perfect relationship. Learn how Jon and Sarah Abernathy balance their passion for their work and in each other at Abernathy Roofing & Construction, and how Wade and Tyffanie Rogers complement each other as owners of Blacklist Ink and Blacklist Laser. These couples are making it work….at work and at home!

Love through the Decades. There is nothing better than hearing the love stories that have stood the test of time. In this feature, we share the remarkable stories of couples who have been married from 20 to 73 years. They share their secret to happiness, their joys and help us all fall a little more in love with love. It was such an honor to feature these men and women and celebrate the love they have for each other!

Ready to Start Your Love Story? Our Ultimate Wedding Destinations & Services Directory provides you with everything you need to turn your dream wedding into a reality. These professionals are committed to turning your ideas into actions and providing you the support and guidance you need to make your special day magical…and stress free! Let the planning begin!

This month of love is special this year. For the first time in 29 years, we have five Saturdays to celebrate what we love with who we love. The next time we will see five Saturdays in February will be 2048. Let’s take great advantage of the extra time and share our love extra big this year! Whether that is planning something special for that special person in your life or extending a nice gesture to a stranger, let’s celebrate love BIG every day this month!

Happy Month of Love! I hope you love and are loved BIG!


Lee Radcliff

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