Bottled Poetry

Bottled Poetry

By Kathleen Swift Photos by Artistic Expressions Photography “I’ve always said that wine is bottled poetry,” remarked Tina Kennedy. “It creates atmosphere, a certain feeling, depending on who you are with and what you pair it with.” Kennedy should know since she and...

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Nothing Can Stop Their Love

Nothing Can Stop Their Love

By Kathleen Swift Photos by Bokeh “It all started with a bowl of chips and salsa,” said Kaitlin Farley. “Isn’t that where all love stories start?” “Our love story began in February 2018, at Cactus Grill in Kansas City at a small table in the corner of the restaurant,”...

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Taking You Where You Want to Go!

Taking You Where You Want to Go!

By Kathleen Swift June 1, 2021, will bring exciting changes to the Joplin Regional Airport. On that day, Joplin will have new air service with United Airlines to three new hubs: Chicago, Denver and Houston. “This is an exciting time with three great hubs for the...

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!Editor’s Letter

 The Power of Perspective 

 Someone once said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Those words seem so easy. They literally roll off your tongue. However, walking that perspective is hard. But, if we have learned anything from the last year of our lives, our perspective changes everything.

Every month, we get to bring our readers our perspective. We get to highlight locally owned businesses, local leaders, area non-profits and best places to see and things to do in our region. From our perspective, we have an easy job. We are surrounded by great individuals, a beautiful landscape and work with the most talented photographers, writers and designers. Each month, we get to capture our perspective – we highlight the culture and lifestyle of our region.

Over a year ago, we faced a pandemic. We were met with health, financial and social risks beyond imaginable. Our day-to-day activities changed. Our world was put on hold and we had to find new ways to do, to be and to connect with others. It was our perspective that got us through. It was our perspective that allowed us to learn, to grow and to find new ideas, solutions and adventures. It was our perspective that created the light that became the new focus of our future.

This month, we feature articles reflecting on an event that also challenged our perspective. Ten years ago, a tornado ripped through our city and impacted our lives forever. The loss our community felt cannot be eloquently put into words. I will not even attempt to try. We lost family, friends, homes, parks, our hospital, businesses and so much more. That day will forever live in our memory.

However, once again, perspective made the difference. We paused, we remembered and we grieved. Then, we went to work. We decided not only to rebuild and restore, but to come back stronger. We were met with a challenge, but we would not accept defeat. The unified perspective of our town created a vision that now 10 years in the future we can be proud of.

I have always been proud to call Joplin home. Over the last 30 years, I watched as Joplin and our surrounding communities united and grew. I witnessed great challenges and even bigger successes. I saw a small, tight-knit community grow to be a larger, tighter community.

A community is defined as a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals. In this edition, we feature our community coming together with a shared mission to come back stronger than ever, and we did.

I hope as you read the feature articles, you look back and remember those we lost and the challenges of that day. I also hope you are inspired by the resiliency and perseverance of our community. I will forever be proud to call this region home.

Perspective changes everything.  



Lee Radcliff




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