The Faces of Family Pharmacies

The Faces of Family Pharmacies

By Savanah Mandeville Steven Charles, Oswego Drug Store Steven Mayberry, Four States Pharmacy Mike Humphrey, CJ Pharmacy Elijah Hershey, Cherryvale Pharmacy Brian Caswell, Wolkar Drug Better together! Four area pharmacies that bring the best in fast, friendly,...

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A Little Muscle in the Drive

A Little Muscle in the Drive

By Kathleen Swift • Photo by Artistic Expressions “James comes by his love of cars naturally.” That was how Brian Newton first described the bond he and son James share in their love of muscle cars. “Before I was 16, I dreamed of cars, saved my money and read Hot Rod...

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Simply Perfect

Simply Perfect

By Kathleen Swift • Photos by AH Photography Sometimes the simplest things are the very best. Josh and Karna Richards intentionally planned a simple, elegant evening on the banks of Elk River for their wedding. “We met three years ago,” said Josh, “through mutual...

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147th Annual  Quapaw Powwow  Shares Rich Tapestry of History

147th Annual Quapaw Powwow Shares Rich Tapestry of History

By Don Lowe • Photos by Anna McKibben The Quapaw Powwow continues to be a phenomenal four-day, festival-style extravaganza, focused on remembering and reflecting a strong, storied history worth celebrating year after year, decade after decade, century after century....

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Editor’s Letter


Breathe, relax, and enjoy.

Summer is here! June marks the season to BREATHE. School is out, extra-curricular activities take a break and the events on our social calendar change from graduations and recitals to days at the pool and summer vacations. We can hang up our taxi hat, spend quality time with family and friends, and find time to RELAX. Relaxation is the key of rejuvenation, and summer is our vehicle.

Now it is time to ENJOY! Living in our region, we are conveniently located to all things that bring enjoyment. We are surrounded by great boutiques and locally owned restaurants, our landscape is complete with rolling hills, lakes and rivers, and our communities strive to host family-fun activities all summer long. Whether you want to go shopping with a friend, attend a festival or take a kayak down the river, the Ozarks is the place to be. Check out the calendar of events to find details on open mic nights, cooking classes, street fairs, parades and more!

The third Sunday in June is a day set aside each year to honor our fathers and show appreciation for how they have shaped us into the people we are today. This year, SMTO features several father and son stories. These dads have not only provided a roof over their children’s heads but have helped foster love and passion by sharing their hobbies and creating a lifelong bond. Read about how the love for cars, racing and bikes have cemented the father/son relationship. Learn about men providing health care together and serving a local school board together. Hear the story of how a single dad of five takes the time to make sure each of his children feel special. These stories will touch your heart and leave you reaching for the phone to call that special dad in your life!

Carl Junction is our feature town this month. CJ is a quaint small town loaded with charm and passionate people. Turn to pages 54-74 and fall in love with this community. Read about the Power of Play all-inclusive playground that will soon be the destination spot for children of all ages and needs. Learn how two Carl Junction High School artists are putting CJ on the map and about the rock-painting activities at the CJ Senior Center. You can get to know the new face of the Chamber of Commerce, recognize some local residents enjoying life in Faces & Places and see local business highlights. From their leadership, community events and dedication to service, Carl Junction makes our region a better place to live.

Our June edition is full of feature stories that give you a moment to take pause and BREATHE. We hope to reminisce with you and inspire you. We hope to bring you relaxation and share information for you to find the time to RELAX. We love bringing you a locally owned magazine that highlights the culture and lifestyle of our region. We hope you ENJOY this issue!


Lee Radcliff



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