Sandy Higgins – Maple Leaf Grand Marshal

Sandy Higgins – Maple Leaf Grand Marshal

'I thought you were coming to have me plan an art show' Sandy Higgins, Long-Time Arts Booster, Named Maple Leaf Grand Marshal By John Hacker Sandy Higgins has been a fixture in the Carthage artist community since the 1970s, when she met artist Bob Tommey and helped...

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Spotlight on Carthage

Spotlight on Carthage

Maple Leaf Nights Out By now, you know the Maple Leaf Festival includes a parade, an art and craft show, a car show and fair food. You know these things all fall on the third Saturday of October. And you know after the morning and early afternoon festivities on...

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Carthage- Business Spotlights

Carthage- Business Spotlights

Annie's At Annie’s Epicurean Delights, you will find the best specialty culinary items, unique gifts and fine wines you have come to expect. The taste sensations available at Annie’s compliment the discriminating palate and will expand the culinary pleasure for...

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Editor’s Letter



The quote “Everything that is done in this world is done by HOPE,” by Martin Luther King has always been one of my favorites. Earlier today, I realized that so many of my recent interactions with family, friends, coworkers and the community have had HOPE at the center. I recently had a conversation with a friend who was diagnosed with cancer and is now in remission. I have volunteered with other volunteers to raise funds and awareness for various causes and people in the community. I have met new business owners who are beginning their self-employed journey. I have talked with people who have recently gotten married, given birth to their first child or started a new career. I have met people who recently lost a loved one or separated from their spouse. With each encounter and every obstacle faced, the presence of HOPE was present. 

On the cover, we feature Horses of Hope. Horses of Hope helps riders find hope and courage by providing unique experiences that inspire and change lives. Turn to page 42 and learn how the founders, Shelly McColm and Vallerie Sweeten, are making dreams come true. If you are interested in helping Horses of Hope reach more children and families, join us November 3 at Downstream Casino Pavilion for Horses of Hope Gala. All details can be found on page 14.

Hope is the common thread for the women we have featured on pages 96 through 99. These women are all different, have different experiences and different stories, but HOPE remains in each of them. They are breast cancer survivors, and their stories will touch your heart. It is through their HOPE they found strength to battle cancer and now have courage to share their stories to help others. Read their stories to feel inspired.

To me, HOPE is having faith that anything is possible and every cloud has a silver lining. HOPE is power, it is the strength to not give up, to wish for a miracle or embrace a window of opportunity. HOPE means keeping a positive attitude, even through a tiring journey. HOPE is telling yourself everything is going to get better, living each day to the fullest and giving yourself the “you can do this” talk as many times as needed. HOPE keeps us going.

In this issue, you will see HOPE on our cover, in our feature articles and in the men and women who share their stories. You will see HOPE in our advertisers as they share their products and services. HOPE is in our calendar of events as communities raise funds and awareness for area organizations. In every page, we celebrate HOPE. 

We HOPE you enjoy this issue and feel inspired to put HOPE at your center.





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