Village Square Boutique: A Hometown Store

Village Square Boutique: A Hometown Store

Village Square Boutique: A Hometown Store We love our neighborhood, and the awesome people who make our square a vibrant and beautiful place to be. By Kathleen Swift The holidays are almost here, and for many of us, our thoughts turn to shopping. If you are looking...

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The Faces of Neosho

The Faces of Neosho

 The Faces of Neosho Neosho is a tight-knit community rich in history and culture. In the Faces of Neosho section, you will meet the people who help make Neosho a wonderful place to live and work. They are the industry leaders in healthcare, law, banking, esthetics,...

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Escape to the Great Outdoors

Escape to the Great Outdoors

ESCAPE TO THE GREAT OUTDOORS Sunrises and sunsets in the outdoors are better than any TV show or movie. Lying in a tent while camping and listening to crickets is better than the finest hotel room. Hiking a trail enjoying the quiet and beauty is better that fighting...

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Where Community is More than a Name

Where Community is More than a Name

Where Community is More than a Name  We’ve tried to preserve our community history while offering modern banking services.  Will Cook By Kathleen Swift If you drive around the south side of the square in Neosho, Missouri, you can’t miss First Community Bank. The...

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Editor’s Letter


“ABCs of Thanks”

This time of year reminds me of all the blessings in life. I have put together a condensed version of my ABCs of Thanks for our November edition.

C – Creativity. I am thankful for the creativity of our staff, photographers and writers. They have a vision and they work diligently to create a magazine that is visually pleasing and complete with feature articles that grab the attention of our readers.  

D – Dreams. I am thankful for the ability to dream. The inception of success begins with a dream. I am thankful my dream of owning a local magazine highlighting the lifestyle and culture of our region has turned into a reality. I am also thankful for all the dreams of others and their ability to make their dreams come true. 

E – Excitement. I am thankful for the excitement this time of year brings in the form of comfort food, family gatherings and the sense of community that completes our days and our social calendars. The holiday season brings us together and creates memories that last a lifetime.  

F – Family & Friends. I am thankful for my family and the friends I have made along my journey. I am surrounded by people who support my passions, whether those are professional or personal. I am thankful for the friends who have become family and the family that have always remained friends.  

G – Generosity. I am thankful for generosity. We live in a region that supports each other. Whether in crisis or recognizing the needs of others in everyday events, our region sticks together. When faced with adversity, we find strength. Simple acts of kindness make exponential impacts, and generosity is present all around us.

H – Health. I am thankful for the medical professionals who dedicate their lives to fostering the greatest health of our community. We have talented and committed professionals locally and do not have to travel long distances to seek robust medical care. I am especially thankful for those medical professionals who take time each month to guide our readers in healthy lifestyles.

I – Inspiration. I am thankful for all the readers who stop me in the community, call, send emails or message on social media. They continue to inspire us, keep us relevant and represent the heart in each edition. We find our inspiration each month in our readers.

P – Passion. I am thankful I found something about which I feel passion. Each day, I get to wake up and do what I love and am surrounded by people who share my passion. Each month, I get to support shopping local and help others recognize the value and impact of how shopping local supports and grows our community.    

Q – Quality Time. I am thankful for the balance between work and fun and the ability to spend quality time with friends and family. We live in a community with events for the entire family to enjoy. From rodeos to live theatre, I am thankful I have the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of entertainment right here at home.

S – Surprises. I am thankful for surprises, the surprise of meeting someone new, learning something new or being surprised by something out of the ordinary. Surprises keep us guessing, keep us on our toes and give us something to look forward to. I am thankful for surprises, big and small.

Y – YOU. Last, but not least, I am thankful for YOU. Because of you, I have the ABCs of Thanks. You give me the opportunity to follow my dreams and passions each month by creating a magazine celebrating the lifestyle and culture of our region. Because of you, I am thankful I live in a community with generosity, health and inspiration. Our community is great because of all the individuals who make it what it is today. I am thankful for YOU!

Happy November!

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