Merry Moments: A Stocking Full of Christmas Memories

Merry Moments: A Stocking Full of Christmas Memories

Trees, gingerbread, presents, movies and cookies are all part of our holiday traditions. We each carry merry moments with us from year to year that make our family traditions. Each moment is unique, and each one is dear to us. Take a peek into three families who offer...

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Grounds for Learning

Grounds for Learning

By Kathleen Swift In a collaboration between the McDonald County High School business department and the McDonald County Chamber of Commerce, business students are taking on a real-world business project as they establish a new coffee shop. The yet-to-be-named...

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Capturing a Carthage Christmas: the Loy Home

Capturing a Carthage Christmas: the Loy Home

 By Ann Leach When Carthage residents sing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” the Clint and Cathy Jo Loy home will most likely come to mind. Especially after getting to tour the home during the Carthage Holiday Homes Tour this December 3. “Dad always lit...

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Lifelong McDonald County friends recall ‘Happy Days’ 

Lifelong McDonald County friends recall ‘Happy Days’ 

By Cheryl Franklin  It was 1960: the beginning of a new decade, John F. Kennedy was running for president and six Noel, Missouri, girls who had been friends through elementary and junior high were now graduating from Noel High School together.  All of them were born...

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!Editor’s Letter

Traditions – New and Old 

Traditions. The holiday season would not be the same without the family traditions being passed down from generation to generation. Family traditions are not only a time to reminisce about holidays past, but an opportunity to create memories to one day, too, be cherished. Family traditions help us remember the past while looking toward the future. 

Each year, we create new traditions or add to existing ones. We decorate a gingerbread house or wear new matching pajamas to bed. We add our own twist to a family recipe or holiday celebration. Traditions, new and old, connect us and hold the magic of the season.

Show Me has a tradition. Each year during the holiday season, we remind our readers the importance of shopping local. We recognize the significance of supporting small businesses without our community. Shopping local creates jobs, keeps money spent right here at home, promotes better customer service, and local business owners are the biggest supporters of non-profits. Shopping local helps turn someone’s dream into a reality. 

Each year, I share, as a local business owner, the meaning of support from the community. I tell the story of how a community of local business owners helped my dream come true. Show Me the Ozarks Magazine is here because of the support of small business owners who live and work right here in our region and the individual people who value our art by reading our magazine each month. Sharing my story and promoting shopping local are two of my favorite things to do during the holiday season. 

This year, I want to add to the tradition. I want to put a twist on it. I want to encourage you to “do one more”. If you have not shopped local to purchase gifts for loved ones, start by buying one. Look at your list and find one item made or offered locally at a small business right down the street. If you have started the tradition to shop local during the holiday season, find one more gift and purchase locally. 

If each of us “do one more”, we can make a difference. Our region continuously proves we are stronger collectively than we are as one. One more turns from an individual goal to a community mission. 

“Do one more” can create a job, help support a local sports team, help gives funds to an animals shelter or provides medical care to someone in need. “Do one more” can make a difference, if we do it together. 

I wish you a happy holiday season and New Year. I hope you are surrounded by warmth, love and the true spirit of the season. 



Lee Radcliff-Timmsen


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