Bryan D. Barnes, DO

Advanced Family Medicine & Wellness Center



“Patients today have a voice and a choice,” says Dr. Bryan

D. Barnes. Dr. Barnes and his team at Advanced Family

Medicine & Wellness Center believe knowledge is power and

are passionate about equipping their patients to make betterinformed


“My goal is to give patients the knowledge and resources

they need to feel empowered to make healthy decisions,” says

Dr. Barnes. “Unfortunately, too many physicians still expect

their patients to be a passive observer in their healthcare,

never questioning why a treatment is recommended, or what

alternatives are available. I believe patients want to be more

involved, and we need to be proactive in letting their voice be


Dr. Barnes’ mission for Advanced Family Medicine &

Wellness Center is to be a leader in the Joplin region in

providing “patient-first” healthcare and services that are

personal, convenient and transparent.

Understanding that patients don’t like being bounced between

healthcare providers, Advanced Family Medicine invests

heavily in technology and equipment that allows them to offer

an expanded suite of services from stitches to lab work and

everything in between, thus minimizing referrals and increasing

patient convenience.

“We do this so our patients aren’t forced into seeing a different

doctor for each symptom,” Dr. Barnes says. “It is easy to get lost

in a big medical system that way with doctors who may not be

familiar with you and your history.”

“Healthcare should be convenient for our patients. Why do

so many healthcare providers force their patients to conform

to inconvenient hours?” questions Dr. Barnes. “Last year, we

expanded our hours until 8 pm so our working patients could

visit us when it fits their schedule. It also allows them to avoid

being forced to visit traditional urgent care centers with long

wait times.”

Advanced Family Medicine offers an extensive list of health care

services related to diagnostics, procedures, preventive health,

pain management, disease management and urgent treatment

for patients of all ages. Visit their website to learn more.