Chris Gardner, NP

Gardner Express Care



Nurse Practitioner Chris Gardner opened Gardner Express

Care in December 2017 so he could provide patients with

the care they need at a price they can afford.

“I decided it was time to put my experience to use in my own

clinic to provide an alternative type of practice that is very

affordable,” he said. “My goal is for those of us that work and

have high deductibles, or those who don’t have insurance, to

have a place to go that won’t cost them hundreds or thousands

of dollars. For example, if you get your hand sutured in the ER,

the average cost is over $2,000. At my clinic, it is $149.”

Gardner Express Care does not file insurance, so it can charge

significantly less than a typical healthcare facility. The clinic

specializes in urgent care, primary services and weight


“I utilize prescription medications coupled with a unique, very

easy eating and drinking schedule that doesn’t feel like dieting,”

Gardner said. “I’ve seen over 70,000 patients so far in my career,

so there are few in the nation with my weight management


Gardner began his career working for a local independent

physician for two years. He then spent about 12 years in rural

Kansas and Iowa in family practice, emergency medicine

and hospitalist roles. He traveled to many different hospitals

covering the facility for local doctors taking vacations. The

assignments typically were 24/7 coverage of clinics, hospital

inpatients and emergency rooms for anywhere from 3-7 days.

Gardner said one of the most rewarding aspects of his clinic is

he can always put patient care first.

“There are many different pressures from insurance companies,

government and administration that make healthcare providers

sometimes treat you like a number,” he said. “I genuinely care

about each one of my patients and will do everything I can to

help them.”

In Gardner’s free time, he loves being a dad and can often be

found spending time with his wife and two daughters on their

family farm.