By Savanah Bandy • Photos by Grace Allison

When Kylee and Kyle Good decided to tie the knot, they knew they had to have a wedding that represented their love, not only for each other, but for their family, friends and the great outdoors.

“We chose to have our wedding at Bullskin Creek because we really wanted the rustic, outdoorsy feel,” Kylee said. “We really liked having the creek behind us during the ceremony and the beautiful barn doors when you enter. They’re gorgeous.”

The pair met as high school students at College Heights Christian School. 

“I was a junior and Kylee was a sophomore, and we met at Wednesday night youth group,” Kyle said. “I remember that night I had to go up on stage and do a Scooby Doo impression, and she DM’d me on Instagram that night and said my Scooby Doo voice was super good!” 

A few weeks later, Kyle was at Kylee’s house asking her father if he could ask her out on a date. Fast forward to summer 2020 to a surprise proposal in Branson with both families present to celebrate with them.  

Kylee and Kyle were married May 31, 2021, in Neosho against a beautiful backdrop of greenery and sparkling waters. 

“I love modern rustic and boho-style weddings with barrels and mason jars, so that was the theme we chose for our wedding,” Kylee said. 

“Our foods were very different because we’re incredibly picky eaters, so we didn’t have a cake, we had donuts! We also had popsicles for the kids, pulled pork sandwiches, and we didn’t cater, so that was something unique about our wedding. Our family members all brought food dishes.” 

One of Kylee’s fondest memories of the big day was her first look with Kyle.

“I enjoyed seeing how happy he was in that moment, and I felt really beautiful when he looked at me,” she said. “But, it’s so hard to choose a favorite moment of the day. I have so many beautiful moments like that. It was literally the perfect day.”

They agreed the party after the wedding was a big highlight for both of them. 

“Just dancing and having fun with our friends when it wasn’t all about us had to be one of our favorite parts,” Kyle said.

Kylee’s advice to newly engaged couples who are beginning the wedding planning process is to enlist the help of friends and family. 

“I never felt very stressed during wedding planning because I had so much help,” Kylee said. “So don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to do everything by yourself – you’re going to be surprised how many people want to take things off your plate for you.” 

As newlyweds, Kyle and Kylee plan to put Jesus at the center of their marriage. 

“We want to be Kingdom workers to everyone in our life and when people look at our marriage, we want them to see Jesus,” Kyle said. “And, I want to make sure that whenever we have kids, they know I love her and that she always feels cherished.”


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