By Gary Stubblefield

The Stubblefield Home Team of Keller Williams Realty

For those planning on listing their house for sale in the next couple of months, now is the time to concentrate on what potential buyers see when they first arrive at your house. These simple tips add curb appeal and project an image of a well-maintained home.

Now that winter is over, it is time to get in the flower beds for a good weeding and general clean out of dead leaves. A fresh layer of mulch will give your flower beds a cleaner, finished look. Mother nature can always land a final surprise in May, so waiting to plant might be wise. But, don’t be afraid to position a few potted flowers in the flower beds. Should a later winter storm occur, pots can be temporarily moved to a garage.

April showers will assist in giving everything a good rinsing. However, a good power washing will make sidewalks, driveways and decks look new again. Also consider power washing exterior siding and shutters to give the house a fresh look.

Take a physical walk around your yard, looking at it with new eyes. Pick up sticks and stones before your first mowing. Look for hanging limbs and prune back unruly bushes. If you can see anything growing out of your gutters, then it’s time to address getting them cleared out. Make sure garden hoses are neatly coiled or on a caddy. Try to find an inconspicuous location for trash bins.

Now is the time to do a night assessment of the exterior of your home. Replace burnt-out light bulbs. Now is a good time to convert outdoor bulbs to LED, which will operate for less, plus give a better illumination of your home. Remember, some potential buyers will be driving by at night. Make sure your house stands out by being adequately illuminated. The addition of walkway and flower bed lighting adds to your nighttime curb appeal while also adding safety and security.

If your home has water features, it is now time to clean out any muck that has accumulated during the off season. Check, clean or replace filters and pumps. If your lawn has an irrigation system, April is the perfect time for a spring check up. Be sure to check all exterior faucets for leaks.

Fence lines have a tendency to look a little ragged by the time spring rolls around. Remove any wayward litter that has gathered along your fences. Now is the time to weed eat fences for a more manicured look. Your local lawn and garden stores can assist you by suggesting ways to remove weeds, fertilize your lawn or even get rid of those pesky moles in a way that is humane and safe for other pets.

Blacktop driveways should be checked for cracks and fading. Now may be a great time to put down a fresh sealant. Also, check your sidewalks for any broken or missing pieces, which can be potential safety hazards.

Complete your April outside prep work by having windows washed and shiny. A new coat of paint on your front door, a seasonal wreath and a new welcome mat will complete your outdoor tasks for a home with better curb appeal. Now, you’re ready to move your efforts indoors. Your local realtor can assist you with tips on how to prepare your home to sell faster.