By Kathleen Swift

Balance. New Life Spa in Grove, Oklahoma, is designed to help you find balance and healing in your life.  

“We are here to help you regain your health so your body will have the greatest chance to heal itself as God designed it to do,” said owner Deborah Stauss. A naturopathic physician, Stauss emphasizes that New Life Spa is a healing spa where people can learn to help themselves heal.

“I spent 39 years in dentistry, during which time I became interested in natural health following a series of family illnesses that were improved through natural healing. I am also a licensed massage therapist and master herbalist,” said Stauss. “I want to share the knowledge I have gained over the years by helping others take control of their health, find a way to live pain free, take their health back into their own hands and help them feel as though they have gained a new life.”

To help others find healing, New Life Spa offers a wide variety of natural healing services, including dry and moist salt therapy. 

“Salt has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties,” said Stauss. “It reduces inflammation in the respiratory system, so it is a great therapeutic choice for people with asthma, bronchitis, allergies, cystic fibrosis and COPD. It also helps with flu and colds because salt kills all germs and viruses.

“Our ozone therapy is offered through a tunnel sauna where a client is lying down with their head out of the tunnel. The ozone is oxygen with an extra molecule, which it lends to the body through the skin during therapy using infrared light. This therapy kills viruses and parasites and is medically proven as a disinfectant.  During WWII, ozone therapy was used to treat wounds. It can even be used to treat cavities, which is a new service I will be offering.” 

Many of the services offered at New Life Spa are structured so a client is taught how to use the equipment and learns to treat themselves. Stauss said this empowers her clients to heal themselves and get well with the services offered.

When more hands-on therapies are sought, New Life Spa has trained staff to help. “Michelle is our body sculpting specialist using Contour Light Therapy. This therapy uses medical-grade red light with infrared mats to help shrink fat cells,” explained Stauss. “Body sculpting reduces inflammation, helps rejuvenate skin, helps with weight loss and hair regrowth and much more.”.

Joni is the specialist for Vibrational Raindrop therapy at New Life Spa. The therapy uses nine essential oils and tuning forks in each session. This therapy supports a healthy immune system, soothes inflammation and pain, promotes relaxation, detoxes the body and helps improve sleep quality, among other things.  

There are many other natural health services offered at New Life Spa, including body wraps, ionic foot bath detox, red light vitamin D therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and much more.

To access these therapies, Stauss explained, “Our spa is open for clients to walk in and be trained to use some therapies themselves. Our membership is $80 a month or one day for $45. With a monthly membership, you can come up to three times a week, so it is a bargain. We have multiple therapy rooms, so clients have privacy, and we can serve multiple clients at once.  

“What we do is not healing,” said Stauss, “but we bring the body into balance so it can heal itself. I have a passion for seeing people be healthy and take control of their health. I know doctors and medication are important, but I wanted to help people treat the underlying causes of their disease. Eating well, exercise and spiritual health are important, too. Our goal is to help you find the place of balance that includes your spiritual, physical and mental well-being.”