By Amy Howe

When you walk through the doors of Journey Through Slime Event Studio & Scoop Shoppe, you will have a sensory-focused experience that leaves you happier. Guests can make and design slime, shop fidget toys, eat hand-dipped ice cream and now enjoy their rolled ice cream.

In June 2021, Travis Bolin’s daughter, Amelia, had a dream to open a slime company. Travis and Amelia brainstormed what their slime company could look like. Journey Through Slime opened 137 days later. 

Life can be really messy, and slime is really messy. The more you work with slime, the more beautiful it becomes. That is how life is; the more you work through your issues and get the help you need, life will become more beautiful. 

Travis is a licensed professional counselor at his counseling practice, Journey Towards Hope Counseling and he believes people can gain better mental health by using their senses. While at Journey Through Slime, guests are using their senses to make slime, create and eat ice cream and play with fidget toys. 

Travis is thankful he sat down with his daughter that day in June and took the time to hear her ideas about opening a slime company. His prayer had been that Jesus would speak through his daughter and on that day, that is exactly what happened. 

Amelia has been known as the Slime Queen since age 6. She even has a slime room at home where she can design slime and create new slimes to debut at Journey Through Slime. Now, Amelia is 13 and co-owner of Journey Through Slime with her father.  

Amelia and Travis love bringing new excitement and fun to Journey Through Slime. Just recently, they went on vacation and ate some rolled ice cream. “We fell in love with the taste, concept, the fun and thought we need this at Journey Through Slime,” said Travis. “After months of planning, it has finally arrived.”

A relatively new concept and first in our area, rolled ice cream has only been in the United States for less than 10 years. The texture of rolled ice cream is slightly different to traditional ice cream as it’s not churned by a machine but is instead mixed by hand directly on the freezing pans and less air is introduced into the mixture. This can result in a slightly denser texture and a more intense flavor. And as Travis would say: much more fun to make! “We have 20 different creations of rolled ice cream or you can create your own,” said Travis. “Come and try my favorite rolled ice cream with studio cream, Nutella, strawberries and bananas. You can’t go wrong. Can you guess what it’s called? Amelia’s Favorite.” 

The Slime Team invites you to enjoy your rolled ice cream with a Golden Allison Spoon. “My friend, Allison, shared with me that ice cream is better while eating it with a golden spoon,” said Travis. “Eating it with a golden spoon allows rolled ice cream guests to taste the ice cream in its purest form.”


Travis is also excited to announce they now have a patio for their guests to enjoy while making slime or eating ice cream. “Having an outdoor space allows families to slime and dine while taking in the beauty of historic Main Street, JOMO,” said Tavis. 

Travis and Amelia invite you to visit Journey Through Slime Event Studio & Scoop Shoppe. Come experience the sensory-focused studio where slime makes you happy! The studio is located at 2310 S. Main in Joplin. No reservations are needed, walk-ins welcome. You can also book their party room for private slime parties.