By Ann Leach

An overhaul to the Seneca Schools locker rooms was in order and some help was needed to bring the new plan to life. Enter Erimish, a locally owned bracelet bar that started in 2012. 

“We wanted to give our customers the ability to curate a look especially for themselves” said Misha Wilson, co-owner of the company with her husband, Phillip, and her sister and brother-in-law, Ericka and Aaron Hamilton. “We are most proud that we have built a business and both of our families have been able to give back with what we have been given.” 

 The focus of the project is on the high school’s locker rooms and a much-needed renovation. “We as a coaching staff want to make the short four-year high school experience as important and memorable as possible,” said Athletic Director Rich Adkins. “We want to renovate the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms and give them a college feel that not every kid gets the chance to experience.” 

The school district, through its foundation, agreed to cover the cost of new lockers, while Erimish agreed to provide everything else like flooring, storage closets, TVs, stools and white boards.

Misha Wilson said, “We always are willing and able to help with things and the basketball programs in Seneca are long overdue for an upgrade. So, it seemed like a good investment in the kids.” 

Phillip Wilson donated his time and skill to build the storage closet with custom built-ins for the uniforms, travel gear and other items that needed their own space in both rooms. And both rooms were completed just in time for the students’ return to school after their holiday break.

The Erimish owners committed to a loan of $55,000 to get the project started. The school district will continue to seek donations to cover half the original cost of $33,000 after Erimish’s lead pledge of $25,000. The funds will be used to renovate and enhance the basketball locker room. And the school district has agreed to match the cost to provide a new locker room experience for the girls’ basketball and volleyball programs.

“God has given us the opportunity to give back and use what we have been blessed with to bless others,” Misha Wilson said. “We think the most important thing is kids and helping them or making them proud to be from Seneca.”

As for Erimish’s plans for moving into a new year of business and service, Misha Wilson said, “We just need to keep doing what we are doing. We are happy with being able to sustain our business and employees over the past three years since the pandemic and that we are still able to help the Seneca School District.”

“We are always willing and able to help, so it seemed like a good investment in the kids.” ~ Misha Wilson