By Amy Howe

Daphne Tait’s path to motherhood took an unexpected turn, one she now looks back on with awe and gratitude. What began as a simple act of kindness—babysitting for a neighbor in need—blossomed into a profound journey of love and belonging. In the heartwarming story of the Tait family of Neosho, Missouri, adoption found its way into their lives not by choice but by a beautiful twist of fate.

Daphne and Brandon Tait never set out to adopt. Their path to parenthood took an unforeseen turn one day, leading them to two precious baby girls caught in the middle of their parents’ addiction struggles. “We really did not choose adoption, adoption chose us,” Daphne recalls. It was a moment that altered the course of their lives forever.

Babysitting the girls and offering support to their father became more than just a duty; it became a deeper calling. From the very first day they met the girls, Daphne and Brandon knew they were meant to be theirs. “The girls were heavy on our hearts from the day we met them,” Daphne says.

Their journey into adoption unfolded naturally, without a roadmap. “God chose us,” Daphne says, acknowledging her faith in what was happening.

As the Taits welcomed the girls into their home, their biological children, Tayte and Kynlee, navigated their own journey of acceptance and adjustment. While Tayte embraced his newfound role as a big brother with open arms, Kynlee, the youngest of the family, grappled with the idea of having not one, but two baby sisters. “She once told us that she had only prayed for one sister, not two,” Daphne shares, illustrating the candid innocence of childhood perceptions.

Yet, amidst the initial uncertainties and challenges, beautiful family bonds began to weave together. Tayte became the protective and caring older brother and taught the girls to fish at Roaring River. Kynlee discovered joy in playing dress up, doing their hair and makeup, and playing school with her new sisters. 

For Daphne and Brandon, the transition from parenting fairly independent children to caring for two toddlers brought many emotions. “We thought we were spry and ready to take on the world,” Daphne recalls with a chuckle. Yet, the reality of parenthood hit them with full force, feeling like new parents all over again. “We had all the jitters,” Daphne says. “It’s been a whole mix of emotions that we wouldn’t change for the world!”

On February 21, 2023, with a courtroom filled with loved ones, the Tait family’s journey came full circle as they officially welcomed Bryana Nicole Tait and Brynlee Carson Tait into their family through adoption. With tears of joy and hearts overflowing with gratitude, the papers were signed and both girls stole their daddy’s last name.

“Going from parents of two to a party of six overnight has had its challenges, but we are so thankful for our family. We are now complete,” Daphne affirms, cherishing the memories and moments that have shaped their remarkable story. 

“It truly takes a village, and we are blessed with ours.”