By Amy Howe 

Nestled within the serene landscapes of Redings Mill, Missouri, lies a culinary haven known as Redings Mill Bread, an artisanal bakery with the purest flavors and the most authentic bread-making experience. 

Founded in 2007, Redings Mill Bread emerged from a simple yet profound vision—to craft bread in its most authentic form. Owner Jamey Smith built the foundation of Redings Mill Bread with a single woodfire oven and a passion for wholesome ingredients. His journey began humbly, debuting at the Webb City Farmers Market, but his commitment to quality soon garnered a devoted following. 

“It all started when I would visit my mom in Eureka Springs (Arkansas) and buy bread from a store there locally,” says Smith. “They went out of business and I thought making bread for ourselves would be a good route to go. I read several books on different methods of baking and came to the conclusion that the European style bread and baking technique was the right one for me!” 

Smith immediately cut a hole in the wall of a building on his property, built a woodfire oven in a few short weeks and started making bread. 

What sets Redings Mill Bread apart is its dedication to using organic, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. From the flour to the toppings, each component undergoes a meticulous selection process to ensure only the finest items are included in the bread and pizza crusts. The woodfire oven not only imparts a unique flavor but also reflects a commitment to sustainable practices, fueled by scrap wood sourced from a nearby sawmill. 

The menu at Redings Mill Bread offers an incredible variety of items, including sourdough assortments, from classic to innovative blends like roasted garlic and blueberry, to jalapeno cheddar and cranberry walnut. Other offerings include focaccias, pizzas, butter croissant buns, whole grain fermented mustard and so much more. 

Beyond ordering directly from the store, Redings Mill Bread extends its reach to local restaurants, farmers markets and breweries. Establishments like The Bruncheonette, The Joplin Greenhouse and Indian Springs Brewery proudly feature its artisanal offerings, amplifying its impact within the community. At farmers markets in Webb City and Neosho, patrons eagerly await the opportunity to savor the freshly baked creations. 

For Smith, joy is found in the simplicity of homesteading. “The ability to work from my property, surrounded by nature’s bounty, is something I cherish every day.” 

Through dedication to quality, community and the art of homesteading, Redings Mill Bread continues to leave an indelible mark on the palate and the soul.