By Amy Howe

Situated in the vibrant community of Pittsburg, Kansas, with a second location in Joplin, Missouri, Comeau Jewelry has been a beacon of elegance and craftsmanship for over two decades. This family-owned business, spearheaded by Chad and Jill Comeau, has made its mark not just with its stunning ready-to-wear pieces but with its unparalleled custom jewelry services that offer a deeply personal touch to each customer’s experience.

“Our custom pieces are the biggest part of our business, but most people don’t even realize we do this,” says Jill Comeau, co-owner of Comeau Jewelry. “We have the professional staff to accomplish just about anything a customer needs in relation to jewelry. We can restore heirloom pieces, remake pieces that are no longer fashionable, and most importantly, we can create bespoke pieces that are unique to the customer.”

The process of creating custom jewelry at Comeau Jewelry is a blend of art and science. It begins with a simple conversation, where customers share their vision, inspirations and the story behind their desired piece. This initial consultation is a crucial step in understanding the client’s needs and preferences.

Jill emphasizes, “We can design a beautiful piece of jewelry for you to fit nearly any budget. Our team listens closely to ensure that we capture the essence of what the customer envisions. It’s about turning their dreams into reality.”

Once the concept is clear, the Comeau team, led by Chad Comeau with his extensive bench experience and formal training from Trenton Jewelry School, begins the meticulous process of designing the piece. Using both traditional techniques and modern technology, they create detailed sketches and 3D models, allowing customers to visualize their jewelry before it’s brought to life.

 Chad’s journey in the jewelry business began long before he and Jill opened their first store in Pittsburg in 2001. With over 30 years of experience, including his tenure as a bench jeweler at Tivol in Kansas City, Chad brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for craftsmanship to Comeau Jewelry.

“We are a member of The Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO), which offers us extensive buying opportunities, allowing us to bring the top fashions and best prices to our clients,” Jill says. “Through IJO, we can buy directly from diamond cutters in Antwerp, Belgium. We will even make the trip overseas to act as your broker and hand-select your diamond from the vast inventory at their disposal.”

This connection to IJO not only ensures the highest quality materials but also keeps the Comeau team at the forefront of industry trends and innovations. Regular attendance at IJO trade shows and educational seminars ensures they remain knowledgeable about the latest in gemology and jewelry design, enhancing their ability to serve their clients with expertise and up-to-date fashion insights.

Comeau Jewelry is truly a family business, with Chad and Jill’s adult sons deeply involved in the craft. Their oldest son, Stuart, works in the Joplin store, while their second son, Will, applies his skills in the Pittsburg store. Both sons are accomplished jewelers and excellent craftsmen, continuing the family’s tradition of excellence in every piece they create.

“Chris Keller, the manager of our Joplin store, is amazing and runs a great store,” Jill adds. “Having such dedicated and skilled team members ensures that our clients receive the best service and quality, no matter which location they visit.”

At the core of Comeau Jewelry’s success is its unwavering commitment to customer service. Jill highlights, “Today, one of the most overlooked aspects in buying a piece of jewelry is customer service. At Comeau Jewelry Co., we pride ourselves on our customer service and knowledge of our products. We want to be your ‘Jeweler for a Lifetime,’ and we are here to check, clean and service your jewelry through its lifetime.”

This dedication to service extends beyond the sale. Whether it’s regular cleaning, maintenance or restoration, Comeau Jewelry stands by its creations, ensuring each piece remains as beautiful as the day it was crafted. This lifelong service not only maintains the jewelry’s physical integrity but also preserves the sentimental value it holds for its owners.

One of the most cherished services at Comeau Jewelry is the restoration and transformation of heirloom pieces. Many customers come in with jewelry that has been passed down through generations, often carrying immense sentimental value but showing signs of wear or being outdated in style.

“We love working with heirlooms,” Jill shares. “Restoring these pieces or transforming them into something new is incredibly rewarding. It’s about honoring the past while creating something beautiful for the present and future.”

By breathing new life into these treasures, Comeau Jewelry helps preserve family legacies, allowing them to be enjoyed by future generations. This ability to balance respect for tradition with contemporary design sensibilities is a hallmark of Comeau Jewelry’s approach.

As Comeau Jewelry celebrates over 20 years in business, the focus remains firmly on providing exceptional, personalized service and creating jewelry that tells a story. From their humble beginnings in downtown Pittsburg to their expansion into Joplin, Chad and Jill Comeau have built a business that is not just about selling jewelry but about building relationships and crafting memories.

In a world where mass-produced items often dominate, Comeau Jewelry stands out by offering a bespoke experience that is as unique as the customers they serve. Whether it’s a custom engagement ring, a restored family heirloom or a piece designed to mark a special occasion, Comeau Jewelry is dedicated to making each creation a reflection of individual beauty and significance.

“We are here to turn your dreams into reality,” Jill says with a smile. “That’s what makes our work so special. Every piece we create tells a story, and we’re honored to be a part of those stories.”

Chris Keller is the manager of the Comeau Jewelry store in Joplin.